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Makes Me Horny When I See It

There are three different types of lovers in bed. Which are you?


There are three types of lovers. 

  • Visual (See)
  • Auditory (Hear)
  • Kinesthetic (Touch)

Each of us has a dominant preference that sends us to the moon. If you like the lights on and look in your lover’s eyes, and you want to see them naked or make love in the mirror, you might be more visually dominant.

You like the sounds of sloppy blow jobs, moaning or hearing fantasies, or sharing sexy stories or dirty talk. Then, you might be auditory. 

If you like it dark and quiet to feel the pleasant sensations or want sensation-play, you might be more kinesthetic.

I just know when I see a bottle of FLOW on the table, I get turned on because we always take two capsules before lovemaking. FLOW helps improve blood flow, clitoral and penile erections, and orgasmic sensation, as well as vaginal lubrication. 

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different types of lovers in bed


Don’t miss my article on why you can lower your dose of PDE-5 inhibitors to avoid side effects if you pair it with FLOW.

FLOW now incites a Pavlovian response in me. I see the bottle and start to get wet.


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