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“Let go and let love.”

“Let go and let love.” 

A significant difference I notice between those who have the love and sex they want and those who don’t is the person’s ability to let go of the past.

As your grandmother wisely said, “Forgive and forget.”

The hottest, steamiest, and most intimate relationships can only happen when you’ve decided to let go of pain, anger, jealousy, blame, and bitterness…

And pursue newer, better experiences.

Take my friend, Stacy. She divorced her first husband when she was 36. He cheated on her. They got back together. She got pregnant. They lost the baby. She called it quits.

The whole experience was heartbreaking.

But now she’s with a new lover who’s twelve years younger. 

Every time we talk, she can’t help but brag about how her new partner is leagues better than her ex.

He’s more romantic. He’s superior in bed. And he’s present with her every single day.

I asked her if she was happy. Naturally, she said yes. 

But not because of her new man. And not because of all the beautiful things in her life.

Stacy said she had to let go of all the negative energy in her life before things started to change for the better.

This meant letting go of ill feelings toward her ex or anyone else.

She had to love her body for what it was. And she had to accept all her flaws, mistakes, and shortcomings.

She cleansed herself from any form of bad “juju.”

If she had stayed angry at her ex, depressed because of her body, or disappointed with life, she would have continued to be stuck in that black hole.

Before she “detoxed” her life, she felt miserable, alone, angry, and depressed. She kept finding flaws in her life that made her want to curl up and cry. 

But one day, she let go of all that and decided to live in love. 

Everything changed.

She met her new lover. She found her calling. She made new, better friends. Her body felt younger and more robust. She had more energy.

If you’re holding on to some bad “juju” right now, learn to let it go. 

All the bad vibes you carry deep inside will manifest into bad experiences. It’s best to get rid of them once and for all. 

People can tell when you’re dark inside. And they avoid you. Focusing on past hurts repels good things from coming your way.

Hey, we’ve ALL been screwed, and not in a good way. Turn your experiences into silver linings. Look at how they make you stronger.

Cleanse yourself from the muck that’s keeping you from living an extraordinary life. Letting go into love is a practice. When you have a dark thought, replace it with a positive one. 

Forgive and forget. Tune your channel to KLUV. Create new trysts with life. 

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