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Follow Your Heart (and what that REALLY means)

Follow your heart, they always say. 

But some might not quite understand how deep this really goes. 

You see, to truly have an amazing life… a life you’d want to tell your kids and grandkids about… a life filled with breathtaking moments and experiences… 

Listen to your heart. 

Whether it’s in your career, social relationships, romances, hobbies, and of course…  your bedroom escapades…

Lead with your heart.

You can never truly have a fruitful, successful career if you don’t have unwavering drive and passion for it.

You can never truly experience the best friendships, the most unbreakable family bonds, and the most exhilarating adventures if you don’t let your heart take the reins.

follow your heart


You can never truly say you’ve found your Sexual Soulmate if your heart isn’t in tune with your partner.

And you can never truly experience the most sensual pleasures if you’re not heart-connected.

If you’re not having deeply intimate, soul-shaking, body-trembling pleasure, then what IS sex really for?

Even hookups and one-night-stands require both lovers to invest their heart, mind, and body even for just a fleeting moment.

Sweetie, in all things in your life, lead with your heart. Not with your mind. 

If it doesn’t feel right. If it doesn’t feel wonderful. 

Let go and move on.

However, if your heart is bursting with ravishing emotion because you know deep down inside that this is what you TRULY crave and desire…

Run toward it, arms open wide, with carefree abandon.

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