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“Coming feels more powerful now.” (Mailbag)

improve semen volume

I love it when I get emails from readers and satisfied repeat customers of our FLOW and TRIO supplements. Read more to learn how to improve semen volume…

And I’ve had email conversations with many about their results. One of these conversations was with Chuck.

I asked him what he felt after taking FLOW and why he decided to reorder and even try out the TRIO supplements this time.

Here’s what he said.

“Of course, Susan. I got great results like more semen quality, more ejaculate, and improved sexual stamina as promised and expected. I also had stronger erections after taking FLOW. Sex and cumming feels so good and powerful with it. I can’t wait to get the next bottle. I’m also looking forward to your TRIO too.” 

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Citrulline helps with blood flow; your penis works on blood flow. Citrulline makes your penis firmer and harder naturally. However, drinking 48 ounces of watermelon – which is 6 cups – contains roughly 120 grams of sugar! That is too much watermelon sugar.

Did you know you can take our new blood flow supplement, FLOW, instead?

FLOW is made from organic watermelon, AND it also has the nitrates from organic spinach. A combination of citrulline and nitrates gives your body a double bounty of amino acids to get your blood flowing to your brain, heart, and all your parts. And it’s sugar-free!

And while FLOW is already excellent on its own, your body also craves many vitamins and minerals so that it can perform daily.

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