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Sexual Arousal ‘5.5 Breath Pattern’

Fully satisfying intimacy requires relaxation. Anxiety impedes sexual arousal. Contrary to the notion that you get “turned on,” you actually must first be relaxed to experience desire.


Here is a breathing technique to turn you on faster and more efficiently.

Anxiety is the most common emotional issue affecting 20% of the population at any given moment, and likely more people than ever in 2020. Fear is at the core of all anxieties. Anxieties are an oversensitivity to perceive fears. From a neuropsychological perspective, overreactive amygdalae in your brain causes you to worry.

In addition to cutting out sugar, carbs, and alcohol and strengthening your microbiome and immune system, and taking advantage of the calming effects of an organic full-spectrum CBD using specific breathing techniques works wonders at mitigating anxiety.

In the beautiful new bestseller, Breath: The New Science of a Lost Art by James Nestor, he says that holding your breath reduces anxiety better than deep, slow breathing. Science doesn’t support the notion that you should “take a deep breath to calm down.” He shares a 2,000-year-old breathing technique called pranayama from the Bhagavad Gita.

Slow breaths help your body get into coherence. This is when your heart, circulation, and nervous system functions are coordinated to peak efficiency. Below is the best slow breath technique for sexual arousal.

sexual arousal


Cultures from around the world throughout time have been putting themselves into nervous system coherence through chanting and prayer. Buddhists, Japanese, Africans, Hawaiians, Native Americans, Taoists, and Christians all use vocalizations that reduce the breath to 5.5 breaths per minute.

Renowned anxiety doctors use this same breathing pattern on patients with anxiety and depression.

The most efficient pattern is when you follow a 5.5-second inhale with a 5.5-second exhale. Use your lungs like bellows —don’t rest between the in and out-breath. If it’s difficult, start with a 3-second inhale and exhale and work your way up to 5.5-second in and out-breaths.

Here are James’ Resonance (Coherent) Breathing Directions. (Note: This book explains and explores numerous breathing techniques.)

  • Sit up straight
  • Relax your shoulders and belly
  • Inhale softly for 5.5 seconds, expanding your belly as air fills your lungs
  • Without pausing, exhale softly for 5.5 seconds, bringing your stomach in as your lungs empty
  • Each breath should feel like a circle
  • Repeat at least ten times if possible


This coherent breathing technique is a power switch to your sympathetic/parasympathetic nervous system. You’re in the sympathetic state when you stress. To get into your relaxation and restoration mode, you need to switch into your parasympathetic system. This is what lets your saliva flow and also begins the release of his pre-ejaculate and her vaginal lubrication.

Often, women who have trouble lubricating, and men who struggle with premature ejaculation are stuck in their sympathetic system. The nerves connecting to the parasympathetic nervous system are in the lower lobes of your lungs. This is why resonance breathing is so calming and yet allows you to achieve arousal.

The masculine can lead the feminine in foreplay by sitting facing each other and leading her in ten slow breaths. As you look her in the eyes, you connect with her. She can feel seen and loved and will begin to relax.

As you’ll see from this week’s articles, much of our pleasure is based on techniques and understanding of how our bodies work.

If you try this Coherence Breath, please let me know your experience.

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