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Orgasmic Meditation Sexual Energy

orgasmic meditation

I made you a video on “orgasmic meditation.”

When lovers connect while being present and aware of each other — rather than thinking about the past or future — it is called entering into a “con-joined trance state.”

This is a meditative state. It reboots your nervous system and calms you like “regular meditation.”

But it is an orgasmic meditation state in which you both focus on one person’s orgasm.

When you do that – when you ride one person’s orgasm – you can take that pleasure higher without climaxing and sex being over. You can ride that wave of orgasm up, up, up.

When you’re fully present while making love and wholly surrender to the pleasure you co-create at the moment – that interplay is a sexual meditation.

In this video, I detail the Expanded Orgasm to practice my husband and I have followed for over 12 years. We teach this practice in a home study program created for us by Dr. Patti Taylor called “Expand Her Orgasm Tonight.” Three free pleasure reports are here to learn more about this Expanded Orgasm or Orgasmic Meditation practice. 

“Orgasmic Meditation” Sexual Energy ⇐ Watch The 6-Minute Video

orgasmic meditation


Over time, my husband discovered he could control my nervous system. We enter a conjoined trance state. I feel him, and he feels me. I’m riding his bike. He strokes me into a series of orgasms that stack and improve over time.

As he strokes me, my orgasms get more prolonged and intense as he takes me on this erotic journey. We are in an incredibly restorative theta state, a meditative trance we access by intentionally building and harnessing our sexual energy.

And if you’re a guy, you will love this. This state can be accessed when a man has his penis stroked to get to the edge of orgasm and rides the pleasure wave rather than go over into ejaculation. This is called “male-multiple orgasm.” And Jim Benson teaches this in his Multi-Orgasmic Lover for Men program.

Every man can separate ejaculation from orgasm and have male-multiple or full-body energy orgasms.

Of course, most men will ejaculate at first, but it’s relatively easy to train yourself to have full-body, energy orgasms. These orgasms feel good and even better than the typical ejaculatory orgasm.

Men don’t know they can have energy orgasms simply because we live in a culture where ejaculation is the “standard orgasmic procedure.”

But it’s not; it’s just what you learned. There’s more pleasure when you enter a meditative sexual energy state with your lover.

When you practice Expanded Orgasm stroking, you enter that trance state together.

Watch the video now to discover how you can do this simple stroking technique – or have it done to you – at any age and level of health. 

“Orgasmic Meditation” Sexual Energy ⇐ Watch The 6-Minute Video

I also want to give you a FREE Gift, a collection of books from my good friend and fellow sex expert, Dr. Patti. 

It’s all about how lovers can escalate their sexual experiences with the help of the Expanded Orgasm practice. 

This is touted as one of the (if not THE) best orgasms a woman can experience. 

It’s different from female ejaculation and may even be more pleasurable for the woman

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