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How To Take The20 Libido Supplements: FLOW, BOOST, DESIRE and DRIVE.

How To Take The20 Libido Supplements: FLOW, BOOST, DESIRE and DRIVE.

Dosage directions…

Thank you for asking how you take our supplements.

I am so glad you ordered your libido vitamins and/or blood flow supplements BOOST, DRIVE, DESIRE and FLOW.

Here are our recommended dosages.

2 FLOW daily
2 of either BOOST, DESIRE or DRIVE daily. (That’s a 90-day supply. Don’t take all three at the same time.)

Take two capsules daily of the blood flow supplement called, FLOW.

Take two capsules daily of the libido vitamin of your choice from just one of the three different bottles: Boost, Drive or Desire. I gave you a 90-day supply. Those three bottles each have the same vitamin-mineral complex. But each has a DIFFERENT libido botanical.

That’s the simple plan.

They are the smallest size capsule possible 00, to fit the effective recommended libido botanical dosage while also giving you a daily vitamin/mineral with a very high-quality methly-folate instead of folic acid.

You can choose whichever libido vitamin appeals to you most to take for the first 30 days.

Each of the three libido vitamins has a different botanical:

BOOST has a high quality branded version of fenugreek called, Fenusturols®. Fenugreek makes body fluids taste like maple syrup. This is an extract that guarantees 50% saponin content so you know you’re getting an effective dose.

DRIVE has Longjack, also commonly known as Tongkat Ali. This is a 100:1 extract ratio from the roots of the plant to be an effective daily dose.

DESIRE has a Tribulus terrestris that has been formulated to have a 45% saponin ratio, so you know you’re getting an effective dose.

300 mg per day of Tonkat Ali, Tribulus terrestris and/or fenugreek is the effective dose, according to, the leading medical research company that provides unbiased metadata on supplementation.

However, your body can acclimate to botanical compounds. That is why it’s recommended to cycle through Tonkat Ali, Tribulus terrestris, and Fenugreek each month.

Take the first bottle for thirty days, then move on to the second bottle and finish the 90 days with the third.

This gives the plant medicine an opportunity to peak in your system.

Notice How Each Plant Affects Your Libido Differently

Listen to your body. Does it feel sexier? Are you more aroused? Do you feel hornier? Do you see more blood flow to your genitals? Are you having more frequent sexy thoughts? Has sex become more pleasurable? Are you in the mood more often?

Every person’s physiology is unique. You may respond to one of the botanicals in an entirely different way than the others.

In the second month, take the second bottle. See how that makes you feel. Are you more sexually self-expressed? Are your orgasms stronger? Is there more lubrication or volume of fluids? Tuning in to your felt experience and your state of mind together will give you feedback on what feels right for you.

The third month take the final bottle. Can you make sweet love longer? Does your fluid taste sweeter? Are you feeling heart-expanded? There is no right or wrong — only what you experience.

In addition to the libido vitamin trio, you got FLOW.

FLOW is a blood flow supplement that gives you circulatory support so you can increase blood flow to your brain, your heart, and all your parts.

FLOW supports your Nitric Oxide systems. It’s not for bodybuilders. It’s for middle-aged people who want to keep their blood flow-optimized as they age. Just as our hormones wane with age, our body’s ability to produce the gaseous signaling molecule that relaxes our blood vessels also decreases. Our body gets less able to send blood to our periphery, which includes our genitals.

You can take two capsules of FLOW anytime. You can take two more before lovemaking. You can take some anytime you need extra blood flow, but these do not have the same amount that young men take for body-building. That’s too big a dosage for daily consumption.

As well, FLOW does not have arginine in it.

Most nitric oxide boosters include arginine, which many people fear will increase herpes outbreaks.

FLOW is a high-quality formulation made of citrulline derived from organic watermelon, nitrates from organic spinach and pyrocyanidin flavonoids from pine bark along with Vitamin C from organic acerola cherries for absorption and n-acetylcysteine to enhance vasodilation.

Our nitric oxide production is so vital to life that our body has multiple systems to produce this “miracle molecule.” FLOW works on multiple pathways.

Remember that these are supplements to support your body. The daily multivitamin/multi-mineral complex gives your body the micronutrients it cannot make itself.

Similar to our hormone system, as we age, our body’s ability to produce NO declines. Once you’re over 40, supplementing with precursors to Nitric Oxide production supports many vital functions including blood flow to your urogenital system.

In an Italian study, “All in all, those 60 and older had vasodilation that was 52 percent weaker—less than half as strong—as those 30 and younger. And these were older people who did not have high blood pressure!”¹

Both of these supplements are foundations of healthy aging, just like taking Omega 3 fatty acids for brain health.

Now that you have both FLOW for blood flow and the Libido Vitamin/Minerals, the third foundation is your Omega Fatty Acids.

Essential fatty acids, just like the micronutrients in our vitamins are not made in the body. Which is why you want to supplement.

Your heart health (which includes genital engorgement), brain health and mood are supported by having Omega 3’s. They are also helpful for reducing inflammation.

We personally recommend a spoonful of fruit-flavored Cod Liver Oil every morning.

You may have to work your way up to that amount. And if you don’t have a gallbladder or you are over 40, take a digestive enzyme with ox bile in it. This is the one we recommend.

Supporting your blood flow, your vitamin-mineral needs and your essential fatty acids are the three essentials for every person.

From there, any other supplements you take would be based on a family history of diseases or current health issues.

A blood flow supplement, vitamin/mineral complex and omega 3 fatty acids are heart and brain-protective, lower inflammation and help fend off cardiovascular disease, erectile dysfunction/lack of vaginal lubrication, sensation loss, and memory loss.

Thank you for taking good care of your self at the foundation level.

And yes, FLOW and our Libido Trio, BOOST, DRIVE and DESIRE can be shared between a couple as they are made for people across the gender spectrum.









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  1. I’d like to find out more about the fruit-flavored cod liver oil mentioned above, but the link goes to a page that is blank and says “Forbidden – You don’t have permission to access this resource.” Thanks!

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