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Unlocking Her Pleasure: Addressing ‘She Never Had an Orgasm with Me’ in the Mailbag

make her orgasm

“She confided in me and said she has never had an orgasm with me.”  Learn how to make her orgasm…

Check out Frank’s email and my response below.


Hi Susan,

Heard you on a podcast, and it really resonated with me. 

Back story. My partner and I have been together for 20 years, been married 18 this year. We have three gorgeous teenage girls. 

My wife experienced being sexually molested at a young age. She is now in therapy going through that process. However, two months ago, she started showing complete disinterested sexual behavior towards me. 

We have been talking lots, and I have started the romance sequence you spoke of one month ago. However, she confided in me and said she has never had an orgasm with me. 

Naturally, I feel tricked and lack confidence, trust, and such. Anyway, I completely love her and am trying to grow in every way, including sexually. Obviously, I have no clue, and it’s fairly heartbreaking. Anyway, I appreciate your wisdom on these matters. 

Kind Regards,

Frank (not his real name)


Hi Frank,

Don’t worry! This is totally fixable.

For starters, get a few vibrators. Hold her and play with her nipples while she uses the vibrator on herself.

Having her help herself to many good orgasms will help you give her some when you get more involved.

Whisper in her ear and tell her how much you love her and how sexy she is while holding her and playing with her breasts. Give her specifics. Follow my Dirty Talk directions. If she wants you to tell her a dirty story, do that too. Here is a playlist of my how to talk dirty videos:


If you start the experience by giving her a body massage and a genital massage, this will relax her and improve her chances of orgasming. Use the Magic Wand all over her mons and outer labia while you’re massaging her. Your job is to get her blood flow going to her genitals. Then get her orgasming easily. This will all build on itself and make it easier and easier for her to come.

There are a few vibrators I recommend.

The first, if you can only get ONE, is the LadyBi.

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The second is the Magic Wand.
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The third is the AMO or Digit. (Very similar. One has a point, and the other has a handle.)

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I’d also recommend you both start taking FLOW. It will drive blood to her pelvic bowl. This increases her lubrication and sensation, so she’ll come more easily and feel more intense.

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Keep the romance up.

Don’t feel tricked. It’s not about you. Sexual molestation is a crappy deal all around. Glad she’s working through it.

Embrace her honesty. That is what empowers you to give her the pleasure you so want to give her.

Soon she will want you inside her.  Watch my penetration orgasms videos to help you understand how to have her come from intercourse.

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One final note… as she begins to open more to her pleasure, she may want you to do some G-Spot healing. This really does more for releasing sexual trauma than all the talk therapy in the world.

Our program, Female Liquid Orgasm will show you two exactly what to do in what order.

Female Liquid Orgasm ⇐ Trauma Healing

You might be surprised to know that most partners heal their lover’s sexual trauma. More at-home healing is done than in therapist offices.

You got this!

Just get her coming first so she gets over that hump and gains confidence.

Sexy Susan

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