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Decoding Masculine Sexual Leadership: Elevating the Fun Factor in Bed with HIM

Masculine sexual leadership is about creating the masculine-feminine polarity — the magnetism of attraction.

What do men need to know to have better bedroom skills than any other guy?

What makes a man a superior lover?

How can a guy have GREAT sex?

I’m writing a chapter for my urologist friend, Dr. Judson Brandeis’ new book on Men’s Health. He asked me to do the chapter on, “How To Have Great Sex.” Judd and I are great friends, having done many GAINSWave men’s treatment webinars together.

I thought a lot about what I’d tell men in a single chapter that might make a profound impact on their pleasure and connection. I boiled it down to six essentials.

This reminds me of my book, Sexual Soulmates: 6 Essentials for Connected Sex. If you want a copy of Sexual Soulmates, you can get it here in .pdf form for free. Or you can buy it on Amazon in softcover for $10. This is written for singles and couples of all gender orientations. You can have it as my gift for being a newsletter reader.

masculine sexual leadership


So, men.

As amazing lovers…

What are the six essentials that men often don’t know — but need to know — to have the kind of passionate intimacy they crave?

  1. Understanding their own body’s pleasure systems.
  2. Understanding her body’s pleasure systems.
  3. Masculine sexual leadership.
  4. Seduction skills.
  5. How to turn a woman back on whose gone cold.
  6. How to provide an erotic adventure.

The first two essentials have a lot to do with anatomy and the body. The foundation skills for him are, knowing how to fully stimulate and get blood flow to his erectile tissue and hers, how to have unlimited stamina, and how to feel and show HIS pleasure (instead of being focused only on her pleasure.) Our program, Multi-Orgasmic Lover for Men covers this in detail. In this program, men learn the ME Breath for pleasurable performance. No man should be without this knowledge. It’s fundamental yet 99% of men are blind to this.

To understand HER body, watch this video on the parts of a woman’s genitals and where all the erectile tissue is buried so you can stimulate it. The more it’s engorged (filled with blood, tumescent) the more sensation and pleasure she feels. Engorgement is the foundation of becoming a multi-orgasmic woman. This may be the single biggest key of the six essentials to great sex.

Also, our organic blood flow supplement FLOW improves blood flow to both his and her genitals and increases her lubrication. Take two capsules daily with your libido vitamins for better cardiovascular health and erectile engorgement. We now offer a 25% discount on a monthly subscription.


Number three… Masculine sexual leadership is about creating the masculine-feminine polarity — the magnetism of attraction. There are very specific ways a man can lead a woman in the bedroom to open her to her pleasure. Understanding what she needs from him to blossom like a flower is essential knowledge of the masterful lover. Here is a podcast I did on how to create more polarity. And this free video delves deeply into masculine sexual leadership as well.

The fourth… “Seduction” means moving your partner toward more pleasure. Women appreciate being led to pleasure and this is the way to initiate sex that thrills the ladies.  In our program called, Seduction Trilogy  Dr. Patti created a 4-step system that creates more frequent lovemaking sessions. Written for men, women can use this exact same system to learn how to make small offers that get a reluctant partner to say YES more often. The Trilogy is a 3 ebook program that also includes audiobook versions seductively spoken by our dear Sloane Fox. The four keys to seduction work as a synergistic system to make any man an incredible lover.

Sometimes, even with the best seduction tactics, a guy might have trouble getting his woman to want him for intimacy. Knowing seduction skills, having excellent stamina and knowing your way around your bodies isn’t enough… There are those cases where the woman really just doesn’t want to be physical anymore. For THAT, I recommend a man know the four elements of reviving her sex drive. For many reasons, it’s easier for women to give up sex than it is for men. When this is the case, Revive Her Drive shows guys the path to turn back on their intimate life. It includes the four steps which are needed when the river of lust has run cold.

I’ve helped thousands of men restart a white-hot intimate life again… as long as it USED to be good. What I can’t fix are those relationships where she’s never liked physical intimacy. For that you need therapy. But if you used to be great together, I can show men what they don’t understand about how women need things to want them for sex again. Hint: It often starts with the right kind of romance… the kind that she needs to feel desire for her man.

Romance is key to keeping your intimate life on what I like to call, The Upward Pleasure Spiral. This is where sex keeps getting better the longer you’re together… instead of getting worse and swirling down the old toilet like a lot of sex lives do. Romance is fun. And sometimes guys, in their goal of intercourse, get so focused on the destination they forget the journey is half the fun.

Which leads me to the sixth essential, Erotic Adventures!


Women want to be transported to a place of fun and pleasure. Scheduling erotic playdates are the cure for the monotony of monogamy. And it makes new girlfriends fight to keep him in their bed.

Being fun-in-the-bed-guy makes you popular!

Ideas for erotic adventures include role play, lingerie fashion shows, him giving her a muscle-flexing show, trying new sex positions like my Come Full Circle (illustrated guide) and Thrust In Time (gives her penetration orgasms and him stamina), having sex in new locations, and best of all, learning four new orgasmic techniques:

  1. Multiple Orgasms
  2. Expanded Orgasms
  3. G-Spot and Female Liquid Orgasms
  4. Male-Multiple Orgasms

Until you’ve mastered these four advanced techniques, you’re not living up to your orgasmic potential.

To recap, here are the six essential areas you can expand upon to become an even better lover:

  1. Your Body
  2. Her Body
  3. Masculine Sexual Leadership
  4. Seduction
  5. Reviving Her Drive
  6. Erotic Adventure

Send me an email with your questions or comment below. I will try to answer as many as I can. I am still only working a few hours a week and trying to recover from 100+ days of coronavirus.

Please wear a mask when you’re out and about. And wash your hands a lot. This virus is here to stay and gaining ground. You DO NOT want to give or get this virus. It is debilitating. And thanks for everyone’s kind messages. It’s too much for me to reply to them all, but I read every single one ♥

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