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Anti Aging Tips In Modern Times

Anti Aging Tips In Modern Times

Ever wonder which anti aging tips are real and which are fake?

Men absolutely love the physical act of intercourse.

Because of testosterone, men are generally “ready to go” at any time. And they are goal-oriented to hit that bullseye!


Women love sex as much as men. Yet because we’re estrogen, rather than testosterone dominant, we are not “ready to go.” We need to be moved toward pleasure with emotional connection and sensual, not immediate sexual touch.

If a woman has years of being with a guy who is focused on intercourse, rushes her to sex, he comes and she doesn’t… she’s going to want less and less sex until she doesn’t want it anymore.

And if she has lost her vaginal tone due to childbirth, atrophy and loss of lubrication from lack of blood flow as she ages, lower desire from loss of her own testosterone and potentially painful sex or sex that simply doesn’t feel good… then she may just want to give up on sex like Phillip’s wife below.

Read my response and check out these tools and techniques to ignite her desire and fix her issues so she wants lots of great sex again.

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My wife is 45-years old, has had five (5) children and four (4) epidurals during childbirth. 

She has indicated that she does not enjoy sex, and therefore does not even like sex or want sex, because she does not feel anything during intercourse. All she feels is thrusting, but no pleasure. This, as you can imagine, is causing enormous stress on our marriage.  

I have numerous questions:

  1. Have you heard, or come across this condition before?
  2. Is it simply low libido? And what could be done to reverse this?
  3. What would be the cause and is there any solution?
  4. Is it nerve damage and is it permanent?
  5. Where would we go for help? What kind of doctor should be consulted? How do you define, or term, the condition?

I would appreciate any help, knowledge or suggestions you could provide to point us in the right direction.


Philipp (not his real name)”


Hi Philipp,

Tallulah forwarded your note to me.

There’s a good chance your wife’s vagina is suffering from laxity. As she ages and loses estrogen the tissue shrinks which is called atrophy. This makes her vaginal canal more open and large. Childbirth can also weaken the pelvic muscles, which means she has trouble with “grip” around your penis. She’s not getting enough stimulation to warrant intercourse.

One way to remedy this is that you both understand how stimulation, libido, and arousal works with our bodies. Check out my new FREE video explainers.

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I also suggest you get her a VFit if she wants it.

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And also if she’s open to it, maybe I can suggest some vibrators for self-pleasuring? If she’s not having orgasms, she’s not going to want sex.

You can support her in getting more pleasure, which is the beginning of wanting intercourse again.

Also, I suggest you both take FLOW and our Libido Vitamins. This will help her produce more estrogen and testosterone and support her libido.

You’ll get an opportunity to add the libido vitamins to your order to save on shipping.

The FLOW and TRIO vitamin details are here:

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Your penis may also have atrophy, which means it’s shrinking. All of these penile tissue loss is reversible.

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One Comment

  1. Susan,

    I am 68 and my wife is 60. I think she has lost interest in sex. I am lucky to even get “it” twice a month, and I always have to ask for “it”. She never initiates wanting sex. I did purchase your “Steamy Sex Ed” video collection for us but we have yet to spend time watching the collection. I have myself selected a couple of DVDs for viewing and must say, the participants in the videos are, well, “quite experienced”. “Blow Each Other Away” was quite interesting; again, the participants are “quite experienced”. The dude in the video amazed me with his stamina; IF my wife pleasured me, I would not even last 5 minutes; guess that is because I am not conditioned. Since she does not pleasure me, I do not have to worry about that. When we do get together, I am the one to always go down on her, and she never reciprocates though, I would like that. And, It is always missionary style, nothing different. And, I can never last long like the participants in your collection. If I never “asked for it”, months could go by without sex. I would like sex twice or more a week but, that is wishful thinking. It is like “pulling teeth with a crowbar” to have sex and like I said, I am always having to “ask for it”. I would say, 80-90% of the time, I get turned down. Our schedules are very different where she stays up quite late and sleeps-in in the mornings, and I have to crash-out early as I start work at 5 a.m. Intimate time is next to nil, and because our interests are different, she and I watch our t.v. shows in different rooms of the house. Thank you for your videos and articles as I do watch and read them when they “pop” into my Gmail account.

    Thank you….

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