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A Couples’ Home DIY Sex Project

While we’re supporting our brave front-liners from our homes, some of my fans wanted to do something productive while stuck in quarantine.

And by productive, I mean something to do with their intimacy and relationship.

Check out what Ron had to ask me, and my response below.


“Hi, Susan… 

I know we’re all stuck at home now, and my wife and I were wondering. We want to know how I can get bigger. I’m 5.9  inches and when I’m erect it’s about 6.2 inches. I wanna get just a little bit longer. Any pills that you know that work or anything? Please let me know. Thanks.” — Ron (not his real name) 


Hi Ron,

The best combination is using a penis pump and taking a nitric oxide supplement for vasodilation.

This pump is the only one made to increase the length as well as girth:

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Pump every other day for 13-weeks following the directions exactly.

DO NOT over the pump. Resist wanting to go faster. It will slow down your gains if you try to make it work faster. Follow the pumping directions to the letter.

Take the FLOW supplement every morning. Take an additional two capsules 20-30 minutes before pumping.

There is a free App called PumpSmart that comes with your pump. Use it to track your progress. Take before and after pictures. Mark your initial size on your cylinders so you can gauge your growth.

While you are pumping, I recommend your wife uses the VFit FDA-cleared intimate wellness device.

Use my Promo Code SUSAN to get her a free $65 bottle of the revitalizHER moisturizer.

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She’s going to need a generous vagina for your new, bigger manhood. 😉

This VFit improves her vaginal tone while increasing her engorgement and lubrication.

She should also be taking the FLOW supplement as it significantly helps women with pleasure and wetness (in addition to heart health and brain function).

Tim pumps while I use my VFit and we watch TV.

It’s a fun couples project!

Let me know how you two do!

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