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How Can A Woman Increase Her Sex Drive?

cartoon couple in bed thinking How Can A Woman Increase Her Sex Drive

Help! “My sex drive is HUGE!!!” … how can a woman increase her sex drive?

Don wrote to me,

“My wife of 40 years has told me that sex is at the bottom of her list. I don’t know how “Revive Her Drive” could work on her. I think she has a chemical imbalance in her body since she had a full hysterectomy in the last 10 years. She is 63, I am 64, and my sex drive is HUGE!!! Tell me what I can do, please.”


OK, Don,

I’ve found that men appreciate when I just tell it to them straight.

And believe you me, I’ve gotten this same exact email from hundreds of men. Hundreds and hundreds and hundreds over the years.

This is THE common issue in marital sexual strife. And I’ve helped hundreds and hundreds and hundreds fix their marriage beds.

I’ve helped hundreds of therapists, counselors, and psychologists help their clients because they have no training with this issue either.

It’s not a chemical imbalance. That’s your ego trying to make you think there is something outside of your domain that is bigger than anything you can do. It’s not that. She didn’t like having sex with you enough to keep doing it. It wasn’t good for her and she doesn’t want to do it anymore.

You’re going to have to ask her what she recommends you do since you have a strong sex drive.

Does she want you to get a girlfriend for sex?

Go to prostitutes?

Cheat on her without her knowing?

Divorce her and marry a woman who enjoys sex with you? (Of course, you’ll have to become a better lover. If you divorce your wife because she didn’t enjoy sex with you, it means your skills are lacking and you’ll end up in the same place in a few years with your next wife.)

Or does she want to try to repair your sexual relationship with you both learning how to actually enjoy sex together?

It basically comes down to these choices.

Now you didn’t know what you didn’t know. So you can’t be mad about where you ended up. You have to deal with what is and move forward, one foot in front of the other. It does not have to end there. Take the initiative to find out how can a woman increase her sex drive.

If she’s willing to TRY. And I don’t mean you sticking your penis in her and doing what you’ve always done, which is how you got where you are… But if she is willing to try to rekindle the romance and sensual aspects of your relationship with a possibility of it leading to more sexual pleasure… then Revive Her Drive can help you get her to the point where she enjoys and wants sex with you again.

If she stonewalls you (refuses to talk about it) or she screams and acts like an immature child to deflect you from discussing this issue so you’ll leave her alone (two of the most common ways wives get out of dealing with this problem) then you have to stand strong and persist on coming to a solution.

If you are unwilling to persist, then she loses respect for you because she can control you. Which is unfair, but it’s what happens to at least 50% of guys. Some guys are so henpecked they can’t even buy the Revive Her Drive program because their wife controls all the money… There’s no hope for those guys. The ones who avoid conflict and are the feminine to their wives ’ masculine don’t have the ability to get out of the hole they’ve fallen into. Him being the feminine is another nail in the coffin of his sex life.

She wants to be romanced, she wants to be made to feel good. But unfortunately, our society does not teach men and women how to work together to make this happen. So you do what you think is right, but it’s not what she needs. Then she stops wanting sex.

And here we are…

How Can A Woman Increase Her Sex Drive?

Revive Her Drive can definitely show you the steps to rekindle your sex life.

At 64, you are at the right age (both of you) to have the best sex of your life. And lots of couples are! Even ones who lost it and regained it.

But you have to expand your knowledge, and help her overcome her past frustrations with sex with you and her limiting beliefs.

It’s difficult for you to think about this because you are pissed off, rejected, frustrated and you simply don’t have the information you need to move forward.

Revive Her Drive IS that information. Exactly what to do to know how can a woman increase her sex drive.

You can do the steps in Revive Her Drive in stealth mode. Don’t TELL her what you are doing. Don’t tell her you bought this program. It doesn’t help. Just start doing what it shows you.

It’s a LOT easier if she’s open to taking this journey with you. This is why the discussion I outlined above is important to have.

It’s best to get her open to you trying to rekindle yours. Use those three words with her.

Sex to her means you stick your penis in her, which we’ve already established she no longer wants.

But Revive Her Drive shows you how to get her to the point where she wants you back inside her again.

Note: If she NEVER liked sex, Revive Her Drive won’t work. This is only if you used to have good sex, even if it was only the first six months of your marriage. You can work with that.

I think you should have the talk and start doing the steps.

Up to you.

You will have to process your anger at feeling rejected. The Mastery Coaching Modules you can add to your Revive Her Drive order deal mostly with supporting you through your own emotions and picking you up when she backslides.

Because the progress is going to look like three steps forward, one step back. You have to look at the big picture and appreciate the progress. There will be lots of progress. But you have 40 years of habits to reframe. And things to learn to get yourself back into great sex together.

Look, I know you love her. I know you don’t want to leave her. You probably don’t want to cheat on her or risk sex with sex workers. You just want your wife to want you! I totally get it. I want that for you too.

And once you understand what her perspective is like, which I outline in the program, you will have some compassion for how both of you ended up where you are. And you’ll feel good about taking the first step.

Today is a good day to start on this project how can a woman increase her sex drive. ⇒ Revive Her Drive

Let me know how it goes. I love getting emails from guys whose lives have changed for the better because they are having a sexual renaissance, and I love it when men are sensitive enough to ask how can a woman increase her sex drive.

I WAS like your wife… and I didn’t like sex with Tim. Now, I love it and am so glad he Revived My Drive! You’re doing this for her as much as for yourself.

Early this year I wrote about my prediction on this year’s sex trends, here is the link to article if you missed it!

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