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2020 Sex Trends

I hope your day is awesome. I am in such a good mood today. There’s something about 2020… it just feels like a great year already.

Every January I love to do a Sex Trends Forecast. 

My mind takes in the machinations of the universe all year long and I call the trends I see. What you’ll notice in these trends is how many of them are mutually supportive or dovetail together. 

Here are 10 trends gaining momentum in the vast world of human sexuality:

  1. Orgasms from Intercourse
  2. Tantric Sex
  3. Genital Rejuvenation Treatments
  4. Purpose-Driven Sex Toys
  5. Gender Fluidity
  6. Senior Sexuality
  7. Personalized Poly
  8. Travel Sexing
  9. Pre-Sex STD Testing
  10. Cannabis and Entheogenic Sex

Orgasms from Intercourse

Penetration Orgasms

In the ’60s women realized they had a clitoris and it was for pleasure.

In the ’90s vibrators exploded into the mainstream.

At the turn of the last century, lovers began making sure “she got hers first.” Ian Kern’s book, She Comes First debuted in 2004 and women opened to the idea of direct clitoral stimulation and oral pleasuring as her sexual right to pleasure.

In 2017 Peggy Orenstein coined the term, The Orgasm Gap to explain how much easier it is for men to achieve satisfaction from intercourse than women.

The large majority of women believed that they were “just one of those women who couldn’t have orgasms from intercourse.” 

Now, as experts like myself reach more women, they are slowly beginning to understand that achieving climax from penis-in-vagina sex is simply a learned skill. 

Furthermore, men are increasingly concerned that their women are not achieving climax from intercourse. They are determined to give their partner what she needs to achieve satisfaction without relying on direct clitoral stimulation.

The clitoral structure and its companion erectile tissue the urethral sponge (G-Spot) and perineal sponge wrap all around the vagina. The more you understand the synergy of the penis and vagina and the importance of blood flow to the genitals (engorgement) the easier it is to achieve mutual orgasms from intercourse.  

This picture shows all the erectile tissue that surrounds the vaginal opening. Getting good BLOOD FLOW to the entire vulva is the single most important element of having fabulous orgasms from intercourse. 

That’s why I invented FLOW, the world’s first organic citrulline supplement to generate increased blood flow.

Here is a picture of all the areas of the female genitals, also called, the vulva. Look how the vaginal opening is surrounded by puffy pillows of pleasurable erectile tissue. All this tissue needs blood flow to feel the pleasure sensations.

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4 Responses

  1. Hello Susan, I have just read through your article on your Sex Trends Forecast for 2020. Close to the end of it you say “This picture shows all the erectile tissue that surrounds the vaginal opening. ” and “Here is a picture of all the areas of the female genitals, also called, the vulva.” In both instances there was no picture nor was there any link to any picture to which you were referring. Should I have expected to see such links in the article? I have, some time ago, registered to be a member to be able to read these articles.
    I look forward to hearing from you.
    David Sims, Preston, England

    1. Hi David,

      Thank you for reaching out to us.

      To read the rest of the article you need to be logged on to your Personal Life Media account. If you have forgotten your credentials, just click the Lost Password link below the log in screen. Should you need further help you may reach our support at [email protected].

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