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Turn Up The Fun Factor With This Bedroom Skill

Let your animal out of its cage.

Here is my #1 secret for banishing bedroom boredom.

The Sexual Soulmate Pact is my #1 most potent bedroom communication technique that opens the door to ever-increasing passion and ever-deepening love.

This simple skill will give you a deep understanding of how our hearts, minds, and bodies respond to sexual stimulation. You will increase your knowledge through experience with this “learn by doing” approach.

This is a free gift you can download and teach to your lover.

The Sexual Soulmate Pact ⇐  Susan’s Best Intimacy Technique


First, I want to clarify a common misunderstanding about a soulmate relationship. I don’t believe that people are “meant for each other” and I would counsel you to let go of the notion that “the one” will complete you. You can co-create a beautiful, passionate love with anyone when you have tools like this Soulmate Pact.

Regardless of where you are now—in a relationship or not, with your soulmate or not, with a lover you’re still hot for, or one who’s morphed into the friend zone—I invite you to embrace the possibility of creating rather than finding a soulmate-level lover. Why? Because passionate
relationships that grow over time are built on a solid foundation of sensual, erotic love that includes variety. In other words: nobody gets bored!

Boredom is the enemy. Bedroom boredom crushes relationships. And boredom stems from fear. Fear of speaking up for what you want. But most people don’t have a clue about how to communicate their desires in the bedroom.

The sexual soulmate pact is a simple feedback loop you set up with your lover. This allows you to guide each other toward more pleasure during lovemaking. I say “specific” because an agreement that’s vague is no better than feeling your way along without knowing how you’re doing. Or, as is common among us women, not knowing what we want, just knowing we’re not getting it. Said simply: the feedback loop is the best way to make sure she’s happy. You know what they say: “When Mama’s happy, everybody’s happy!”

Don’t worry, the Sexual Soulmate Pact isn’t about “processing” your feelings. You don’t even have to talk about the feedback loop; just give yourselves permission to let each other know what your “animal side” wants in each moment.

The second part of the Sexual Soulmate Pact is a two-word phrase you’ll use to explode passionate lovemaking. I call it “the upward pleasure spiral.” These two words are so powerful, I need to create a more detailed context so you can fully understand the why behind it. So get your free copy of The Sexual Soulmate Pact here.

Even if you’re in a sexless marriage, it’s never too late to turn your mate into your sexual soulmate. The hallmark of sexual soulmates is the ability to fully surrender to pleasure. Anyone can surrender partially, just like anyone can have an ordinary orgasm. But how many couples do you know who take such complete delight in each other that they are eager to fall into bed and lose themselves in their lust for each other? When you are with two people who share that kind of erotic bond, it’s tangible. They totally trust each other. Both partners feel safe. When they’re behind closed doors, they can let go, be playful, and enjoy the thrill of variety that keeps things spicy. That is what the Sexual Soulmate Pact gives you: an all-access pass to a world of erotic bliss that is literally infinite in its pleasure potential.



⇐  Susan’s Best Intimacy Technique



Susan Bratton —Intimacy Wellness Expert and CEO of The20, maker of supplements for energy, vitality and a lust for life. Download her free ebook, “The Sexual Soulmate Pact” for everything you need to know to turn your mate (or even your next date) into a sexual soulmate!


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