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“What fruit makes my orgasms stronger?” (Mailbag)

“What fruit makes my orgasms stronger?” (Mailbag)

I got this question recently, “What fruit will make my dick stronger? What’s the perfect fruit for sex?”

The answer is watermelon.

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fruit for sex


Science Daily reports, “Our bodies use citrulline (found in watermelon) to make yet another amino acid, arginine, which helps cells divide, heal wounds, and remove ammonia from the body.

Volunteers in the study completed one three-week stint during which they drank about three eight-ounce glasses of watermelon juice every day and one three-week period of drinking about twice that much of the juice daily.

Blood levels of arginine, synthesized in the body from the citrulline provided by the watermelon juice, were 11 percent higher in volunteers tested after three weeks on the three-glasses-a-day regimen (24 ounces), and 18 percent higher following the six-daily-glasses regimen (48 ounces), when compared to levels in samples from volunteers who didn’t drink the melon juice.”

Citrulline helps with blood flow. Your penis works on blood flow. Citrulline makes your penis firmer and harder naturally. However, drinking 48 ounces of watermelon – which is 6 cups – contains roughly 120 grams of sugar! That is too much watermelon sugar.

Did you know you can take our new blood flow supplement, FLOW, instead?

FLOW is made from organic watermelon, AND it also has the nitrates from organic spinach. A combination of citrulline and nitrates gives your body a double bounty of amino acids to get your blood flowing to your brain, heart, and all your parts. And it’s sugar-free!

Blood flow is equally important to men and women. FLOW is for everyone across the gender spectrum.

fruit for sex


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Get the Libido Trio. Take two capsules daily. You can take DESIRE with Fenugreek for a month, then DESIRE with Tribulus, then DESIRE with Tongkat Ali.

Or you can take two capsules every day. There is not a perfect way to take them. Just do what you want. Just take two a day from any bottle.


Some people like to isolate and see which botanical they feel the most. This is why you’d want to take one for thirty days, then try the next, then the next.

It’s up to you.

Also, if you’re a man currently using a penis pump, take two capsules of FLOW 30 minutes before pumping.

If you’re a man or woman, you might want to also take two capsules of FLOW before sex for more tumescence.

“Tumescence is the quality or state of being tumescent or swollen. Tumescence usually refers to the normal engorgement with blood (vascular congestion) of the erectile tissues, marking sexual excitation, and possible readiness for sexual activity.” – Wikipedia.

Email me any questions.

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Susan Bratton, Intimacy Wellness Expert, is a champion and advocate for all those who desire intimacy and passion their whole life long. Best-selling author and publisher of lovemaking techniques and bedroom communication skills including Sexual Soulmates, Relationship Magic, Revive Her Drive, The Steamy Sex Ed®️ Video Collection, Hormone Balancing, The Pump Guide, and Thrust In Time as a small selection of her 34 books and program. You can find The Susan Bratton Show on YouTube at, her more personal posts @susanbratton on Instagram, and her new sexual vitality supplements, Flow, Boost, Desire, and Drive at

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