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“No More Online Dating!” (Mailbag)

Given up on online dating? Think again…

Have you given up on online dating?

No matter whether you’re a man or woman or somewhere in between… online dating is THE PLACE where love is being found.

A gentleman wrote to me recently…

“Are there physically appealing women out there? I want a woman I am physically attracted to. Yes, I have high standards. I take care of myself physically, dress well. I just want to want the woman. Absolutely no more dating sites!!!! Lies, fake pictures, and catfish on my emotions, model woman pictures, who eventually ask for money. They are probably dudes. No, thanks.”

— Signed, “A very masculine man looking for a loving, sexual, beautiful, very feminine woman.”

Scroll down to read my advice.


As far as online dating, I highly recommend you continue to keep an online profile on at least one dating site.

You have to keep a presence there because it’s where people are looking.

Here is a chart that illustrates that online is where love is being found.

Searching for a Mate: The Rise of the Internet as a Social Intermediary


Watch my Midlife Online Dating video series to hear my recommendations about what to do to keep your sanity, protect yourself and find love online.

In this video series, I teach you how and where to find love if you’re middle-aged or older. (Though the advice works for anyone of any age!)

If you’re in a relationship, consider forwarding this to a single friend who you know would be a great partner.

When you watch this video you will discover:

  1. How to help someone find you who thinks you are perfect just as you are.
  2. What women are looking for in men and how to showcase your best aspects so you find the hot one who adores you.
  3. What men prefer and how to put that right up front so you find the guy that gets your panties in a jiggle.

Watch This “Dating In Mid-Life And Beyond Video”


You have to be in it to win it.

There are a LOT of scams out there, especially ones that prey on guys who watch porn. Read this free ebook I wrote called, The Big International Rip Off: How To Tell If You’re Getting Scammed.

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