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UTI After Sex

Never get urinary tract infections again.

Here’s a letter from a concerned husband whose wife gets bladder infections every time they have intercourse. As you can imagine, she will be shying away from sex because it hurts!

The great news is that there is a simple solution. Read on if you’ve ever had to deal with UTI’s.

If you’re a guy who gets UTI’s this same solution will work for you.

Hey Susan,

First I want to say I really like your articles and videos. We (my wife and I) have a problem. She had an abdominal reduction a few years back.

When the surgeon pulled the skin up to tighten her belly, he actually pulled her clitoral hood upwards.

Now whenever we have sex she ends up with a terrible UTI. It’s only during thrusting sex, whether it’s between us or during masturbation doesn’t make a difference. She can use an egg and doesn’t have a problem.

What should we be saying to our doctor to help with this issue? The last time we spoke to the doctor about it, the only thing they could offer is to give a prescription for an antibiotic to take after every time we have intercourse. I didn’t feel this was the correct answer, it felt more like a cop-out on the doctor’s part.

Any help will be appreciated.

— Jerry

Hi Terry,

So glad you wrote! Too easy…

In this email, I offer a natural home emergency solution, a long-term solution so you never have to worry again and what to do with her skin to get it more supple so the hood drops a bit back where it was.

The basic concepts include blood flow, engorgement, and a simple ingredient that removes the E. coli bacteria from the bladder and urethra.

First, never take antibiotics for a UTI. It literally makes the issue worse.

My recommendation is for your wife to take D Mannose. D Mannose is a substance that the E.coli bacteria latch onto instead of sticking to the lining of the urethra.

When your wife takes the D Mannose and she urinates, the bacteria will grab onto the D Mannose and she will pee them out of her urinary tract.

Have her take 1 teaspoonful dissolved in water every couple hours if she has an infection. For preventing infections, have her take a teaspoon an hour before and immediately after intercourse.

Here’s the book that explains how D-Mannose works if you want to geek out.

This should get rid of the UTI’s for good! I know how scary it is to worry you’ll get a UTI. This will soon be a problem of the past. 🙂

For D Mannose from Amazon, I prefer Solray capsules or Pure Encapsulations or Jarrow granules. They are in the Healthy Living section of my Amazon store.

Secondly, I’d suggest you spend time each week massaging her abdomen, mons venus, out labia and her clitoral hood with a good quality organic nut oil of your choice. I like avocado for intercourse, coconut and sweet almond are nice for massage. If you’re going to get one, just get the avocado. You can find the ones I prefer in Skinspiration and Safe Lubrication in my Amazon store.

Massaging this tissue is going to do two things. First, it’s going to bring blood flow to the area. The blood flow will help repair any scarring from the tummy tuck and it will engorge the tissue so it’s more resilient.

Wherever there is scar tissue, really get in there and work the tissue. Try and loosen it up. It’s stuck tissue. You want to get it flowing with healing blood.

When you’re massaging, you’re not rubbing her skin… Instead, you want to feel under the skin to the tissue below.

Have your wife give you a lot of verbal feedback —too hard, too soft, go deeper, go lighter… Have her communicate each and every time because this tissue is going to be changing as you manipulate it over the next few months.

Notice how it feels from session to session. What you’re going for is that tissue to become springy and bouncy and a bit more stretchy in a good way.

When you massage across the mons pubis — the area above her clitoris that has a padding of fatty tissue under it — pay close attention. When you start it’s likely to feel stiff like a Butterfingers candy bar toffee. There will be little places where it’s sore to the touch. Go lightly there. Smooth and push blood from her belly into that mons area.

Ultimately you want that tissue to get jiggly like it’s made of jello. It will be soft and pliable to the touch.

Also run your fingers down each side of her outer labia, under the pubic hair. Those are her vestibular bulbs, part of her clitoral structure. Get them filled with blood, engorged, tumescent. Watch as they puff up like balloons. This is good!

If she wants to invite you to stroke her further — her inner labia, the slit to the opening of her vagina, her clitoral glans — that’s fine of course! Just start from the outside and get the mons, hood, and labia very gelatinous first.

This blood flow is what is going to give her skin the flexibility to not be pulled so tight that bacteria can gain entry to her urethra so easily. It’s also going to help repair all that scar tissue from the surgery. (And it’s going to light up her clitoris so she will experience much more intense orgasmic pleasure!)

Finally, I’d recommend you BOTH start taking my new organic blood flow supplement, FLOW.

FLOW gives your body citrulline, nitrates (the good kind!), polyphenols, vitamin C and N-Acetyl-L-Cysteine (NAC) which is a powerful antioxidant amino acid.

You want to oxygenate all that scarred and stuck tissue so it’s fluid and supple. As you’re massaging, the blood flow will help move the cellular matrix to detox the body. The NAC helps your liver move the toxins out.

The reason you should both take it, and not just your wife, is that by the time you’re 40, you’ve lost 25% of your blood flow capacity. Good sex relies on good blood flow —not just for your erectile function, but for hers. She has as much erectile tissue in her genital area as you do.

This will benefit you both.

Let It FLOW ⇐ World’s First Nitric Oxide Supplement for Men and Women Made From Real Fruits and Vegetables… Not From Pesticide-Laden Corn Liquor in Vats from China

Make sure you hydrate your wife. Keep pouring her glasses of water and putting them in front of her throughout the week. When you stir up the subcutaneous tissue, you want to move the toxins out of her body through her renal system.

Extra peeing will help her clean all the bacteria out of her urethral system and help with detoxing.

This should not only help her get more clitoral hood coverage back but keep the UTI’s gone forever.

If you have an emergency UTI and don’t have D Mannose available, here is an all-natural home solution to get you by.

All information from Susan Bratton, Personal Life Media, The20, and all of our collective brands’ advice are personal opinions. Our advice is not intended nor implied to be a substitute for professional medical advice, diagnosis or treatment and is for general information purposes only. Always seek consultation from your doctor. Susan has personally vetted and receives affiliate commissions from most of the products and programs she recommends.

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