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How to Deal With a Big Penis


Since so many of the guys who are following me are pumping their penises with

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I figured I’d send this to everyone. There are going to be a lot more guys with big bosses thanks to all the pumping… This means there will be a lot of women like Linnea figuring out how to accommodate their largess.

Read this letter from Linnea about her big boyfriend issue:

“Hi from Scandinavia! I like your advice and love your Steamy Sex Ed Video Collection.

I am 67. I have been married or in long term relationships multiple times. I have many children.

When my last husband passed away 3 years ago, I was determined that my life and sex life should go on.

I always have had open relationships and I am polysexual and I am dating several men. Most of them younger than me

One of them has a rather large penis. 6.5″. thick and 7″ long. I just do not stretch enough. Even with lots of lube and plenty of foreplay/engorgement. He has to wear a condom. What do I do?

I rather like this man and would like to keep him as a lover. I gave him a blowjob. That worked. Next time I will blindfold him and take my dentures out while giving him a blowjob.

I would like some advice about how I can make myself stretch.”

Yours sincerely,
Linnea (name changed to protect identity)

Hi Linnea,

Great to hear from you. I appreciate your commitment to your sexual pleasure potential. Love you!

Regarding your boyfriend… Is it that his penis is too long? Or is the thickness the issue?

If the length, try the

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5.66” circumference
9’ long
1.8 in diameter

Longer but not quite as thick. Good for working your way up to accommodate him.

Massage all around the outside of your vagina, including your mons venus, also called mons pubis with your hands and the vibrator.

Get all the tissue in your labia plump and filled with blood.

Then slowly massage the entire vaginal opening (introital sphincter) with oil before slowly inserting the Big Boss inside.

In addition, I’d heartily suggest you begin taking two capsules of our FLOW supplement every morning and another 2 a half-hour before this vaginal pliability exercise.

The vaginal opening is meant to stretch very large to accommodate baby heads. But there’s a reason young women have the babies… they still get plenty of blood flow to their genitals.

As we age, we get less blood flow because our Nitric Oxide systems diminish. FLOW improves your blood pumping capacity so you get blood flow to your brain, your heart, and all your parts.

FLOW ⇐ Where you need it to go.

Within a couple of weeks, you should see a significant improvement in pliability, tone, blood flow, lubrication, pleasure, and sensation.

You will get an opportunity to add our new Libido Vitamins to your order when you buy FLOW. They are a daily vitamin-mineral complex with libido botanicals in them. If you’re not taking a daily vitamin now, please add this to your order. You need extra amounts of Vitamin D, Boron, and Magnesium as well as Vitamin K to keep your sexual systems humming.

OMG as I am sitting here writing to you these directions for the Big Boss I’m getting all turned on. Haha!

I have the best job in the world thanks to amazing, sexy women like you.

Enjoy the heck out of that big boyfriend of yours.

Let me know your experience of your vaginal resiliency.



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