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Need A Therapist or Coach Recommendation?

Just in case…

Hey, just a quick one today. Not sure you know this, but I am personal friends with a LOT of coaches and therapists.

People ask me all the time for referrals. I just do it as a friend. I make no money on it. I just happen to be really good at matching people’s issues with the right expert.

Pretty much anyone I’ve ever recommended to a coach has thanked me profusely for the introduction.

So if you’ve been wishing you had someone to talk to overcome something that is holding you back, email me a bit of background about your issue and I’ll make a recommendation.

When I send out these emails they go to hundreds of thousands of people… so don’t be surprised if it takes me a bit to get back to you.

Here’s a good structure for helping me help you: (reply with these answers)

Your age, location, and gender. Your relationship status.

#1 issue you’re struggling with.

Additional issues you’re struggling with.

The outcome you desire.

Any previous experience with a coach, therapist or psychiatrist.

Any physical health issues and medications you’re on.

Any emotional health issues and medications you’re on.

Sometimes in just one or two sessions, you can get the strategies you need to move past what is holding you back.

I see how many people get STUCK in the past and ruin their future because of their own blind spots.

If you want help, I’m happy to refer. It’s just good karma.

And finally, coaches and therapists get paid by the hour. They usually do not take any insurance. Expect to pay between $75-$250 an hour. They often offer packages. They will give you a 15-minute Skype, FaceTime or phone session for free so you can meet each other. So please don’t email me unless you have the ability to pay for the time of the person I recommend. Thanks for understanding.


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