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Libido Botanicals 1 of 3

Ancestral wisdom and modern-day research both point to certain plants as having a potent effect on our sexuality. These plants are known as libido botanicals.

Who doesn’t want to feel sexier? Have more erotic thoughts? Be more turned on during the day?

Feeling sexy just makes life more exciting… Having a strong libido increases your creativity and lust for life.

Throughout history, we humans have sought out plants that increase our desire and improve our pleasure. (Hence, the term, libido botanicals)

These libido botanicals work… so it’s good for your partner to take them with you…

I just heard from a chiropractor friend of mine, Dr. Charles.

He’s been taking our FLOW blood flow supplement and the Libido TRIO vitamins.

“Great blood flow, harder erections, more powerful orgasms. Problem is, I need more sex lol. I can tell my sex drive is higher on them.”

I recommended he have his wife start taking them too, so she can keep up with his increased libido.

Here’s what a woman taking them said…

“My husband and I have been taking the supplements and love them! I ditched my multivitamin for your supplements since The 20 has all if not higher percentages of the crucial vitamins and minerals. We were especially pleased to see the levels of magnesium and iodine which I haven’t seen in a complete multi. I have noticed a difference in my energy, in my cravings for my husband, and can attest, his cravings for me 🙂 and many other things that have made our intimacy more vibrant and sensual. Thank you for bringing this to the world!” — Joellen

That’s why I made the vitamins with libido botanicals that work as well on men as women… they are for people across the gender spectrum.

Today, I want to turn your attention to BOOST. It’s one of the three vitamins I make. This one has the libido botanical Fenugreek in every daily dose along with 100% of the US recommended vitamin/mineral complex.

I chose Fenugreek (Trigonella foenum-graecum), Tongkat Ali and Tribulus Terrestris as the three plants that increase sex drive in humans.

The health benefits of fenugreek are wide-ranging. Historically, the medicinal properties of fenugreek have been recognized since the earliest times. Archaeological evidence suggests that the ancient Egyptians used the herb as medicine and food. The ancient Greeks and Romans were aware of its healing and aphrodisiacal properties. In traditional Chinese and Indian herbal medicine, fenugreek was considered as an important remedy for cough, liver and digestive disorders in addition to being an aphrodisiac.

Fenugreek has been studied extensively in human and animal models. Fenugreek appears to significantly increase libido and sexual satisfaction.

Research shows a “significant increase in the subdomains of sexual arousal and orgasm.” Fenugreek has been used for centuries in several cultures for its help in naturally increasing and restoring female and male sex drive and enhancing sexual enjoyment.

According to the results of a double-blind randomized placebo-controlled study, daily supplements of an extract from Fenugreek work to enhance female libido. Fenugreek was associated with significant increases in measures of sexual arousal, sexual behavior, sexual drive, and orgasm.

In addition to improving male sexual arousal and orgasm, fenugreek can improve sexual function (arousal, lubrication, and satisfaction) in premenopausal women.

The effects of fenugreek supplementation on the regulation of insulin and hyperglycemia are well established. Fenugreek is an excellent herbal remedy for reducing cholesterol, fatty liver and blood sugar levels.

BOOST has a branded version of fenugreek called Fenusterols® seed extract standardized to 300mg of saponins, the active ingredient for libido.

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libido botanicals


Give BOOST or all three of the Libido TRIO a try. I want to hear about your experience!

Now on to this week’s four super fantastic videos on desire and arousal, female genital pleasure, rewriting your libido story and natural testosterone boosters.

We are giving away so much amazing info. I encourage you not to miss a single one of these excellent videos.

They are all free.

And don’t miss the articles about the new VFit. It’s an FDA-cleared medical device for home vaginal care that feels exquisite! Mmmmmm….

And if you’re home in quarantine, this might be the time to start your penis pumping practice for optimal genital health.

So much good stuff! You know I adore you.

Be well this week and keep the faith. Everything will be better soon.

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