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How FLOW Helps Bring More Intimacy To Relationships

Check out this couple making GOOD use of their sweet time together. Read on to learn how to bring more intimacy into your relationships.

Rich writes:

“I turned 72 yesterday! We were closely intimate for hours last night! What a wonderful birthday present!

We used FLOW last night. Thank you for the beautiful advice and beneficial and essential information on having better closeness. We get the max out of it every day.

We appreciate all you have done for us. So many of us have been so blessed by your work and team! Thank you from the bottom of our hearts!

Stay Healthy!”

I love hearing from couples who continue to be close and intimate after years (and decades) of being together. 

Blood flow is crucial for couples to feel good in their bodies. 

You can share our nitric oxide blood flow supplement made with organic fruits and vegetables as a couple.

Nitric oxide supports folks with COPD, Cardiac Disease, and Alzheimer’s.

Scientists and doctors have known for years that blood flow is the KEY to good health, and your body makes nitric oxide to keep your blood flowing from your head to your toes.

Hundreds of studies from prestigious institutions like Harvard, Columbia, Stanford, Yale, and the University of Pennsylvania prove this “miracle molecule” plays an extraordinary role in the health of virtually every cell in your body.

The scientists who discovered it in 1998 even won a Nobel Prize.

But here’s the problem.

Most doctors have it all wrong.

They’ve been ignoring the most potent healer your body has ever had.

Sadly, it’s easier—and more profitable—to prescribe another pill, shot, or cream to “fix” the offending body part than consider that nitric oxide may be the root of the pro

bring more intimacy

Because it helps with healthy blood flow, Nitric Oxide may help with just about every function of your body:

  • It supports a healthy cardiovascular system by helping to prevent plaque buildup.
  • Maintains healthy blood pressure by relaxing your blood vessels and keeping them flexible.
  • Increases blood flow throughout the body, helping with sensation. 
  • It helps improve insulin sensitivity and makes maintaining healthy blood sugar levels easier.
  • It supports your immune system by helping your body fight against infectious organisms.


But that’s not all this fantastic molecule does. It even plays a role in:

  • healing wounds
  • enhancing memory
  • balancing the levels of our “feel good” hormones
  • better brain function
  • better sleep

Researchers at the Pennington Research Center in Louisiana say it controls the function of almost every organ system in your body.

Pennington Research Center

That’s shocking, especially considering that by the time you hit your 40s, you have 50% LESS nitric oxide!

NO Levels WIth Age

That explains why scientists say:

“Nitric Oxide Could Hold The Key To “Age-Proofing” Your Body”

When scientists realized the incredible role nitric oxide plays in our bodies, they began to wonder:

What would happen if we were able to INCREASE our nitric oxide levels?

This is why I developed the world’s first nitric oxide supplement for people across the gender spectrum to help them have general and sensual health.



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Self-care is so important!

Susan 2022

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