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Sexual Healing Reverses The Negative Past

Almost everyone’s sex life has impacted them negatively. Let sexual healing fulfil its purpose.

  • Made an embarrassing mistake with a partner
  • Felt ashamed of your body or desire
  • Grew up in a repressed family or society
  • Felt “less than” compared to the images in media
  • Had a weird experience of some kind
  • Molested or made fun of
  • Had an unwanted pregnancy, got an STI
  • Felt insecure about your skills and sexual identity

Most people could check one or more of these boxes… so you’re not alone in your struggle.

Or maybe your partner’s the one who’s affected and you’d like to help them become a whole sexual being?

Today, I have a wonderful video featuring two of the most empathetic, experienced sexperts I know showing you how to, “Rewrite Your Libido Story.”

Rewriting Your Libido Story (VIDEO) ⇐ Watch Or Download Now Before It’s Gone 


In this video dialog, Susan Bratton trusted intimacy wellness expert to millions, and Dr. Keesha Ewers, a doctor of sexual functional medicine, give you the tools to right the wrongs of your past, find forgiveness for betrayals, and let go of the emotional burdens holding you back from the best sexual experience of your life.

You deserve the God-given human right of easeful pleasure and connection with a partner.

This is a helpful, wholesome video on sexual healing and reversing sexual trauma.

Susan and Keesha are so compassionate. And they give you a structure and plan to follow to heal your sexual wounds by doing a process they call, “Rewriting Your Libido Story.”

If your sex drive (or your partner’s sex drive) has suffered from past issues, grab this video now.

Rewriting Your Libido Story (VIDEO) ⇐ Watch Or Download Now Before It’s Gone 

Thank God for generous, good, experienced, educated women like Susan and Keesha.

Susan is making this “Rewrite Your Libido Story” video available FREE —it comes from her paid program, The Sexual Vitality Summit.

There’s zero purchase necessary. Just enjoy.

But don’t wait too long so you don’t miss the opportunity to watch this life-changing video.

I’m so happy to give you this gift today.

Take advantage of it!

Rewriting Your Libido Story (VIDEO) ⇐ Watch Or Download Now Before It’s Gone 

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