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The WORST Place To Meet Someone in 2020

New year, new relationship? YES!

If you’re wondering what the best place is to meet welcome new friends and perhaps new lovers into your life, you may be looking for love in all the wrong places.

In the modern world, people are traveling all over the world, a lot of the younger people no longer go to regular office spaces for work, and the internet has made it so much easier to connect to people.

Today’s video is a new clip from one of my very favorite morning talk shows, ‘Good Morning, Arizona’, where I share the new trends when it comes to finding love.

Check Out The VideoGo HERE To Meet Someone


Some of the topics I talk about include AI and dating apps, travel romance, digital detox dates, and reaching out to relationship coaches.

If you’re riding on the wrong “singles” train, there’s no wonder why you’re having such a hard time meeting someone amazing.

Check out my video to discover the newest dating trends around.

I also want to give you one of my bestselling books, Sexual Soulmates. It’s all about the Six Essentials for Connected Sex.

This is a book I SELL on Amazon. I generally do not give this entire book away.

But I want to reward you for being in my world. And I’m in a good mood and feeling like doing something really special for you today.

I know you’re going to attract someone into your life this year; especially if you’re confident in your lover skills.

You know it’s what you do with, to, and for each other behind closed doors that elevate your relationship to feeling like Sexual Soulmates.

When you’ve got all six essentials down, you’re practically completing a checklist of what your both subconsciously desire and require from each other.

Download Sexual Soulmates For FREE Here ⇐ The 6 Essentials For Connected Sex 

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