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4 Sexual Personality Types: Director (Part 3 of 4)

4 Sexual Personality Types: Director (Part 3 of 4)


According to my mentor, Dr. Helen Fisher, anthropologist at Rutgers University and

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our personalities are composed of two basic types of traits: character traits developed through life experience and temperament traits, 50% of which stem from our biology.

Traits of temperament are heritable, relatively stable across your life course and linked to specific genes, hormones and/or neurotransmitter systems. She sampled 28,000 people to come up with these four personality types: Explorers, Builders, Directors, and Negotiators.


Let’s explore the third of four sexual personality types, the Director.

“Prenatal endogenous testosterone priming is linked with enhanced visual-spatial perception and a keen understanding of “rule-based systems,” from mechanics to computers, maths, engineering or music. Those expressive of testosterone regularly exhibit acute attention to details and have deep but narrow interests. They also tend to be less socially aware, with poorer emotion recognition, less eye contact, less verbal fluency, reduced empathy and extreme sensitivity to rank. Yet they are often self-confident, forthright, assertive and emotionally contained, although they also experience more emotional flooding, particularly rage. Helen designated this trait constellation as the “analytical/tough-minded” temperament dimension and dubbed those particularly expressive of this trait constellation Directors.”

Though this article is for everyone across the gender spectrum, I’ve taken one idea – the concept of giving a woman some lingerie – and give you a few ideas for each sexual personality type.

If you’re a man who thinks he’s a Director, I’d like you to reply to this email and tell me what kind of sexual ideas appeal to you. If you’re a woman, reply to me if you’re a Director and refine these ideas or give me others that would appeal to you. Tell me if you’d like your guy to do any of these for you (and definitely tell your guy you’d like to have fun like this if you would! He is probably a different Sexual Personality Type and would love to know what you’d like more.


Is your lady analytical? Does she pay deep attention to detail? Is she more of an introvert? She’s a Director.

Tell her you have just gotten her five-string bikinis and you want her to give you a private fashion show. You want her to turn a full circle around in each bikini and also bend over so you can see her ass in each one. In the end, you want her to tell you what she’s going to do to you in bed. Tell her you will give her a grade based on how well she does. If she fails, she gets a spanking; if she passes, she gets two spankings.

Give her the data on women who wear lingerie. According to a study in the Daily Mail, 84 percent of women say they have special sets of sexy lingerie. The lingerie would be specifically for having sex in. There are practical lingerie and the kind of lingerie that is bright in color or playful in mood that is used by women primarily for fun. “In fact, 89 percent of the women surveyed said that these special sets make them more sexually confident.” Then give her the string bikini and point out the smart construction, the pretty fabric and its adjustable design. Tell her to wear it when she thinks it will be most advantageous for heightened pleasure.

Put on some Rush, Gabber or Beethoven – the kind of music with a mathematical structure. Blindfold her. Dress her in the bikini. Then take a photoshoot with her so she can see how pretty she looks in it.

Remember to reply to me if you have a refinement, a new idea or a tweak. I’m interested!

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