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Need Good Hugs?

I received an email from a reader about how one of my techniques generated a 180° turnaround in his relationship. 

The technique I’m talking about is the Soulmate Embrace. Check out his email below. 

“Hi, Susan,

I wanted to send you feedback on your Soulmate Embrace exercise.

Normally my wife’s day starts in the morning with a look at her smartphone checking the news. A short hug and some kisses, she leaves our bed. 

Then I started with the Soulmate Embraces a few days ago without telling her what I wanted to do.

In short: it was a complete success! This morning she came to me by herself and searched for my closeness. I took her as you described, and it felt great! Our morning started with warm love! 

Let’s see how the next few days will continue! 

Thanks for all!” — Walter

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Soulmate Embrace 510 for confirmation


Did you hear about the study showing that the longer you’re married, the more likely you are to feel dissatisfied in your relationship? 

Call me naive, but I still want to believe in happily ever after. I refuse to settle for anything but THE BEST for my relationship.

The Soulmate Embrace is a simple technique guaranteed to bring closeness back into your relationship.

Download Soulmate Embrace For FREE Here ⇐ This Hug Will Make Your Year 

This ebook is beautifully illustrated and explains precisely what to do to reconnect your soul connection. Grab it now FREE!

You’re going to love me for handing you this one!

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2 Responses

  1. Back in 1995 my wife told me I could no longer touch her , kiss her , hug her or anything else. I am faithful, I am a workaholic though. Basically I feel I have wasted my life and chose the wrong woman. I feel rejected, unloved and basically shitty. In spite of the fact that we have a loveless marriage I still like her after 55 years of marriage.

  2. Susan:
    You’re the greatest. That was the best email for the situation. I am going to start doing the soulmate embrace today.
    Also, I do regular gardening but I am keenly intrigued by the survival garden.Thanks Susan!

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