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Susan’s 2020 Sex Trend Predictions (VIDEO)

Even though my areas of sexual expertise are passionate lovemaking, bedroom communication skills, and sexual health and vitality, I keep a sharp eye on the machinations of all the sexperts and journalists, new author’s books, news stories and mainstream media’s approach to human sexuality trends.

Here are my 2020 sex trend predictions. 

A lot of these you won’t see coming if you haven’t been paying so much attention to how the new generations are having sex. 

Check Out My Video “My 2020 Sex Trends Predictions


In the video, I’m going to talk in detail about trends like how lovers are getting more and more into tantric sex or engaging in casual sex… even senior sexuality! 

There’s also the rise of lovers seeking to be able to experience more penetration orgasms for women, personalized polyamory, and even purpose-driven sex toys. 

I also talk about totally out-of-this-world trends like entheogen-enhanced lovemaking. 

Discover more about these trends in my video. 

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