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May I Interview You ?


Six of my email newsletter readers like you will be taking my new blood flow supplements and libido vitamins and allowing me to interview you.

Would you like to be one of the six who gets interviewed?

This result would be a video testimonial of you talking about your experiences with our products. We might use a still image or a piece of the video in various ways for our marketing. I do not have to use your last name, but I do need to use your real first name and your image.

We would do the interview over the Internet on the Zoom video. (Easy to use and I can help you get it going.) You will need a video camera on your computer and a clean background with good lighting.

I would ask you a series of questions and you would answer honestly.

It will take less than an hour.

I cannot pay for your supplements. You have to buy them yourself or it goes from being a testimonial to a paid endorsement, which I don’t want.

That being said, our new product discount prices are still live right here:

FLOW ⇐  More Blood Flow for Pleasure

You can order them now and I can wait for you to take them. If you are already taking them, I’m ready to do the interview as soon as you are!

I prefer you to be honest about how you felt taking the supplements and your motivations for doing so.

If you’re part of a couple who is both taking the supplements and you’d both allow me to interview you sitting together in front of the computer video camera, that would be even better!


Let me know if you’re willing and we will set it up at a time that is convenient for you. Send me an email if you are interested.

Thank you. Thank you. Thank you for your kind consideration and support.

Here are the links again.

FLOW ⇐  More Blood Flow for Pleasure

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