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“Re-Pleasurize” Your Intimate Life

Want to experience more sensual pleasure than ever, either solo or with your partner?

Imagine feeling like you are melting into ecstasy that goes on and on for what seems like hours. Time stretches to eternity. You are lost in euphoria.

Each touch feels better than any you’ve ever experienced before… even better than that time with that one person you remember as the most profoundly pleasurable sensation you’ve ever shared.

Is it a drug? A peptide? A device?


Is it a new lover?


Is it a skill or technique?


Many people assume as they get older that intimacy shouldn’t feel as good. Or they’ve gone through traumas such as hysterectomies or are starting to see the effects of atrophy on their private parts. They figure it’s just the way life is.

In my professional opinion, your intimate pleasure can keep INCREASING throughout your life. Your heydays are ahead of you.

Here’s why.

Blood flow.

Yup. Something as simple as getting the kind of blood flow down below that you had in your 20s and 30s will revitalize, re-energize, and “re-pleasurize” your intimate life.

Turn the clock back 10, 20, 30 years on your vasodilation (capillaries expanding to transport blood) and you’ll start feeling like a couple of spring bunnies. Keep reading.


In order to feel exquisite pleasure, a woman needs blood flow to the genital area to cause the clitoral structure (glans, shaft, crura and vestibular bulbs), the vaginal walls and the urethral sponge (G-Spot) and perineal sponge to swell, tingle and throb.

This process is called engorgement.

In men, blood flow to erectile tissue produces an erection and stimulates the prostate gland to start releasing pre-ejaculatory fluid.

The same erectile tissue found in a man’s corpus cavernosum and corpus spongiosum as well as cutaneous vasodilation and nipple erection also work on the mechanism of enhanced capillary permeability. In turn, this promotes what is called, neurogenic transudate which leads to vaginal lubrication. This pleasurable sensory information is carried to the central nervous system to release more hormones including the feel-good molecule, oxytocin.

Lovemaking feels best when your blood is flowing.

But as you get older, even as young as 40, your body’s blood dilation pathways slow down. You need arginine to dilate the blood vessels to get the blood flowing to your genitals.

The best way to keep pleasure improving is to take a supplement that increases vasodilation. But arginine is not your best choice.

Your best choice for blood flow is citrulline from real foods.

This is why the very first libido supplement I made for you is called FLOW.

Take two capsules daily to increase your vasodilation — your blood flow to your genitals.

Many men find they can stop relying on PDE-5 inhibitors once they top up their nitric oxide pathways. And women will notice increased engorgement which leads to increased pleasure and sensation.

If you want the most inexpensive, natural way to amplify your arousal, FLOW is it.

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This means your heart will pump more blood throughout your body, including up into your head so you can think better. It will increase your pleasure in your genitals. And tumescence is another word that means engorgement. You will get much more blood flow to your genitals to experience the more throbbing, vital sensation.


Get Up To 25% OFF On FLOW Here ⇐ Save By Getting A 6 Month Supply (For All Customers Worldwide) 

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