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Masculine Feminine Dirty Talk Tips (VIDEO)

Every day is a beautiful opportunity to get even better at playing with the pleasures of masculine/feminine dirty talk dynamics.

Don’t miss my “dirty talk vocalizations” at 4 minutes in…

I give you exact things you can say based on what a man versus a woman wants to hear.

Men and women get aroused and “in the mood” very differently.

That’s why I will explain in detail how to use your words to titillate your partner in today’s video. You don’t even have to use rough, vulgar language. Not at all.

You just have to understand the kinds of words that ignite the fire of intimacy and passion in your partner.

Check Out My Video Here ⇐ Masculine-Feminine Dirty Talk Dynamics


This video is part of a new Dirty Talk video series where I bring my Dirty Talk ebook to life for you.

Whispering sweet nothings thrill us all.

Being guided and encouraged, appreciated and respected for our bedroom skills are all valuable plus ups to everyone’s sex life.

Understanding the various ways to incorporate sexy talk into your love life is worth exploring…

Check Out My Video Here ⇐ Exploring The Dynamics of Sexy Talk

I also want to give you my Dirty Talk book as my gift.  

Inside, you’ll discover how to get your partner to want to try talking dirty… 

How to recognize your lover’s dirty talk style… 

How to sound sexy and steamy and not strange… 

Hot and naughty, not vulgar…

Dirty talk fantasies you and your lover will want to try…

And much more. Always more!

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