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Sex With Disabilities (VIDEO STORY)

One of the most giant blocks people have with intimacy is the negative self-belief that comes from feeling unattractive, unloveable, or undeserving of love, attention, and pleasure. 

I get many emails from readers saying they feel unlovable because of their looks, a debilitating illness, or other reasons.

You must know that no matter what, YOU deserve love, happiness, human connection, and sexual pleasure.

And no matter what the circumstance, you CAN achieve love and intimacy. 

For today’s video, I want to introduce you to a friend of mine, Tim McHale. During our time knowing each other, he had a tragic accident that left him unable to feel and move anything “down there.” 

He went from happily married to a divorced paraplegic considering suicide.

However, looking at him in this video, he’s happy, loved, and in love with a special person after years of success in the dating world. And he’s having body orgasms to prove it.

Check Out His Story Here ⇐ How Tim McHale Overcame His Disability To Continue Experiencing Human Connection, Intimacy, And Pleasure


In the video, Tim explains what happened to him, how he struggled at first, and the significant people in his life who helped him thrive in life once again. 

You can see that no matter the situation, if you are willing, you can still have a satisfying relationship with passion and intimacy with a loving partner. 

There is truly nothing that can stop you. 

Click Here To Watch The Video ⇐ My Interview With My Friend Tim McHale (And How Intimacy After Disability Is Possible) 

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  1. Yes it is we still do oral, to dangerous if with both our back damage, to much chance paralyzed waist down. Not done during sex, but working, and lifting to much , used to lift 400 to 500 lbs, rest of back fine , just number 5 &6 nerve damages lower back. Wish I could get hard faster, sometimes takes 1 1/2-2 hours then another half to cum. Wish I could shoot harder and bigger loads, any helping ideas for loving couple 56 years marriage 60 years sex, still going

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