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Performance Anxiety Make You Go Soft? (Mailbag)


Performance anxiety strikes every man.

With a new woman, with a long-term lover, sometimes our mind plays tricks on our dicks.

Wouldn’t it be awesome if you had a trick to get hard when you’ve gone soft from worrying? 

Sometimes you’re not “mentally and physically” ready to get down. What do you do to GET HARD in a pinch? 

Or if you’re like Peter, who can’t STAY hard for long during some hot sex, how do you keep your sex-machine-gun going? 

Well, I have a book for that! 

It’s about 3 powerful techniques you can use to GET HARD instantly on command. 

Whether you’re jumping into some surprise sexy time, or if you’re in the middle of intense lovemaking and feel like your hard-on is slipping… 

Have these 3 hard-on techniques under your belt and keep the love going all night long. 

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“Hi, Susan. 

My problem seems to be mental. I usually get a nice full erection, but then I worry if it’s going to stay. And as soon as I think that, it’s down periscope. I can’t seem to stay focused on the arousal part. Not sure what to do about this. 

Please help.” — Peter (not his real name) 


Hi, Peter. 

Try these three FREE techniques Jim Benson and I share in this book, Get Hard Instantly On Command. One or all are bound to work for you. 

  • A powerful trick to MULTIPLY your pleasure 5 times over (More pleasure means harder and longer-lasting erections…) 
  • The “3D Sex Technique” to AMPLIFY technique #1 so you feel even more sexual pleasure that’s sure to keep your penis HARD as concrete all night long… 
  • Still not enough? This “Hard-On Hypnosis” Technique programs your brain to get super-hero strength erections in an INSTANT… 

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