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Sex After Hysterectomy

Sex After Hysterectomy

Can there be sex after hysterectomy? Are hysterectomies really necessary? How many kinds are there and under which conditions is it necessary to get one? That’s precisely what Dr. Felice Gersh and I are talking about in this video today. Watch my Youtube video here.

“Can I have A-spot orgasms after a hysterectomy?”
“Do they take the clitoris during a hysterectomy?”
“Will my wife’s libido come back after her hysterectomy?”
“Can women who have had a hysterectomy still enjoy female ejaculation?”


What happens to a woman’s sex life after a hysterectomy? 

Will there be pain? What are the complications? How does a woman process to move forward emotionally and physically after a hysterectomy? 

Will intimacy with a lover still be the same or will it suffer? 

That’s precisely what Dr. Felice Gersh and I are talking about in this video today. 

Dr. Gersh is a double board-certified OB/GYN, she ran the women’s health department at UC Irvine and she is the medical director of the Integrated Medical Clinic in California. Dr. Gersh speaks around the world on leading-edge women’s’ sexual health issues. She is really a BIG DEAL. I’m lucky to know her and even more lucky she was willing to do this video with me.

Watch Our Video Here ⇐ Sex After Hysterectomy


Dr. Gersh will also talk about simple vs radical hysterectomy, as well as why 70% of all hysterectomies are unnecessary.

Going through a hysterectomy is a BIG change for any woman, and there are certainly a number of steps she has to go through to move forward in a healthy manner. 

We also give you some of our own personal advice on how a woman can get intimate again after this procedure. 

Check Out Our Video ⇐ Hysterectomy, Intimacy, And Sex 

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