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How To Clean Out Your Prostate Gland By Masturbation

Have you tried healthy masturbation?

I’ve said in the past that masturbation itself is already healthy because you’re practically exercising your sexual and orgasmic functions… but you can take it one step further.

There’s also a way you can masturbate to promote prostate health.

Self-pleasure no longer has to be associated with “selfish” pleasure. In fact, after you hear about what we have to say, you’ll find that it’s crucial for your health.

In today’s video, I’m joined by the wonderful Dr. Rylie of Real Sex Talk, and we talk about ways to masturbate properly so you can move your prostate fluid through your system.

Check Out Our YouTube Video Here ⇐ How To Clean Out Your Prostate Glands By Masturbation


Next time you think about pleasuring yourself, remember, you’re not just doing it for your own personal pleasure… you’re doing it for your prostate health.

If your masturbatory practices don’t support your prostate health, you’re putting yourself at risk for prostatitis, prostate cancer, and more.

We talk about the specific steps and processes to efficiently masturbate for your prostate health.

We also talk about the different kinds of lubes you should be using.

Click Here To Watch Our YouTube Video ⇐ How To Clean Out Your Prostate Gland By Masturbation

Susan In Red

Don’t miss our video where we review six different prostate massage tools. Half the toys we review include a vibrator and half do not.  

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Prostate Stimulation

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NOTE: Due to some items being discontinued and other new items becoming available, these are the tools Susan recommends now. If you see a tool in a video or article but do not see it linked, most likely it is no longer available. All of the tools here are current and recommended. Thank you for taking care of your prostate health.

2 Responses

  1. Hi, Quick question. I purchased prostrate vibrator to milk my prostrate per your video. I’m a 67 year old male. While using it I became extremely excited and was masturbating. I was edging to the point of orgasm and continued to do this. Then I had what I believe was a prostate orgasm. I ejaculated which seemed to come from within and continued to edge again, which I proceeded to ejaculated again. I couldn’t take it any longer so I went for the orgasm which rocked my world. The question I have was that a prostrate orgasm? I believe it was just due to the volume. How many times could I have continued to ejaculate like that? I appreciate your assistance and please keep up the good work. Thanks for the mind blowing experience and to think it also is helping me medically!

    1. Wow, Rick. You did a great job! Yes, you just had multiple P-Spot orgasms. How many you can have is determined by your age, health and hydration.
      Are you taking our FLOW supplements to keep your blood flow going to your pelvic region?

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