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New! Herpes Management Protocol


The supplement protocol that worked for me.

“We have an amazing, fun, caring, athletic relationship but herpes is a stumbling block. I wonder if I’ll ever receive oral sex again.”

If you missed my recent article about Mary who has herpes, here is the link.

Mary has herpes. Her doc told her boyfriend, “Just use condoms.” They don’t want to use condoms. They want wild, wet, unprotected sex. He’s 60 and she’s 58.

Herpes is not a death sentence to your sex life. Read that article to get my advice about managing herpes in a relationship where one person has herpes and the other doesn’t.

Today I wanted to show you the brands of supplements and pharmaceuticals that I use to control herpes outbreaks.


I have multiple kinds of herpes viruses: HSV1, HSV2 and Epstein Barr. I’m susceptible to them.

Since I stopped eating foods with gluten, my gut has begun to heal. It’s taken seven years to get rid of the bloating, joint aches and candida overgrowths that plagued me when I ate bagels, pasta and cereal. Do I miss them? I do. And sometimes I’ll eat a gluten-free version of those carbs. But I focus up filling up my plate with vegetables, and then adding in some pasture-raised, grass fed meat or sustainably harvested seafood.

As I write this to you, I’m on my third 5-day “Fasting Mimicking Diet.” I try to do this meal plan once each quarter to clean up my cells and keep my belly slim in middle age. This was my final meal before my 5-day fast.


That’s a salad with my easy home made DELICIOUS salad dressing for better sex. ⇐ Here’s the recipe for you. I also made sustainably farmed salmon. Roasted organic beets. And I sautéed the beet tops in with the swiss chard.

Try and get your plates to look like this. Throw on some nuts and seeds too. Eating like this will significantly increase your immune system health. And notice there is no bread, no pasta…

Why am I talking about gluten with regard to herpes control? Because your immune system gets compromised when you eat a lot of wheat products. Which means you have more herpes outbreaks and other illnesses because your body cannot suppress the viruses.

“There is evidence that viruses can cause dysfunction in the brain and damage the protective coating, called myelin, around the nerves. Viruses are suspected as agents in many autoimmune disease as well.1


Basically you need three things to tamp down herpes viruses. 1) A strong immune system and 2) supplements that remove the fatty biofilm under which the herpes sequester themselves in your nerve endings and 3) antivirals to reduce viral replication when the herpes is active.

Herpes 1 hides in your trigeminal nerve. That’s the nerve from your brain to your face. That’s why you get cold sores on your lips.

Herpes 2 hides in the ganglion nerve at the base of your spine. That’s why you get herpes on your nether lips (penis and vulval areas) and/or on your butt.

I must caveat everything I’m saying by reminding you I am not a doctor. This is all my personal opinion. And this information is based on a lot of studying and thinking about how to get rid of or at least manage my outbreaks.

I hardly EVER get an outbreak anymore. The only time I do is when I get very emotionally upset about something. Stress causes outbreaks. I used to get an outbreak multiple times a year and since I stopped eating wheat and cleaned up my dysbiosis (leaky gut) and started taking enzymes and some of the items below, I don’t even worry about herpes anymore.

Here’s how I manage my herpes. This is a picture taken in my kitchen.


Most experts agree that the herpes hides out in your nerve stem under a biofilm. This fatty covering protects it from your immune system routing it out.

So to go after the herpes virus, you need to take supplements that make it hard for your herpes to hide under their biofilm blanket. (Candida yeasts hide this way too.)

The first thing I started taking was a dietary supplement called, Restore. The Restore product in this picture is a branded version of lignite called, Terrahydrite™️. This brown coal is mined from the earth and formed when dinosaurs roamed the planet. It has been proven in studies to heal the villi in your gut lining, so the contents of your gut don’t leak into your body. Once you get your gut working right again, your immune system isn’t under constant strain. It is now freed up to go after the herpes.



Once your gut is no longer inhibiting your immune system you want to rip off that biofilm so the herpes can’t hide. And this is where the next two ingredients come into play:

BHT and Enzyme Defense.

BHT, or butylated hydroxytoluene is a chemical used as a fat stabilizer in many food products. BHT destabilizes the biofilm around the herpes virus. Enzyme Defense by Enzymemedica has been purported to destabilize this fatty shield as well.

In the article I mentioned at the beginning, there are links to pdf’s and books with herpes virus protocols for both the BHT and Enzymes. I take BHT every single day with my vitamins. And I take enzymes daily with meals. I believe this is what helps my immune system keep the herpes from flaring.


The other two supplements in the photo, Monolaurin and L-lysine Orotate are antivirals. They keep the virus from replicating when you have an outbreak. Monolaurin comes from coconut oil.


The final product you see there is an acyclovir cream. I personally do not feel well taking Valacyclovir orally — which is a pharmaceutical antiviral in pill form. It makes me feel sick.

Herpes pharmaceuticals are a $1.5 Billion dollar a year recurring revenue business for the pharmaceutical companies. They are not incentivized to find a cure. They want their patients taking a pill every day.

I want to get rid of my herpes forever. And if I can’t, I never want another outbreak again.

Yet if I do get an outbreak, I take the Monolaurin and L-lysine Orotate immediately until the herpes has been subdued. And I use the acyclovir cream topically right on the blisters, which are also called zosters. You need a prescription for acyclovir, but a compounding pharmacy can make it for you much less expensively. If you go to the drug store and they try to charge you a crazy amount, refuse and ask your doctor for a prescription to a compounding pharmacy for a 7% cream.

The specific version of Lysine, L-lysine Orotate instead of just regular old lysine is easier to get into your cells to kill the virus.

To recap, here are the steps I take:

1) Make sure you’re eating organic, healthy foods and your gut is in great shape. If not, Google “reverse dysbiosis” and start working on your alimentary system. Dr. Sara Gottfried is an excellent resource.

A gut in good shape means daily pooping — nice solid good turds. No bloating, gas, acid reflux, bad breath or vaginal or rectal itching. (rectal can include rashes on your butt cheeks, not just your butt hole)

2) Take BHT and/or Enzyme Defense (I take both.) on a daily basis to destabilize the biofilm so your immune system can keep the virus in check. Read the pdf and book in the link below for protocols.

3) When you feel a breakout looming, increase the BHT and Enzymes and hammer the virus with Monolaurin and L-lysine Orotate.

4) If you have an outbreak, put acyclovir cream on it and cover it with bandages. Change the bandages morning and night.

5) Good sleep, meditation, being held and getting good soothing hugs, working out whatever upset you, and taking good care of yourself should go without saying…

Isn’t it interesting that the BHT is a fat stabilizer and the Monolauren comes from coconut oil and the herpes hides under a fatty layer? I’m sure there are more dots here that you or another of my followers can reveal for me. If you have more knowledge or insights on this subject, I encourage your comments. I’m always learning.

Links to references here.

¹Source:  Enzymes: Go With Your Gut

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  1. Thank you for this information I read your whole story I haven’t had a breakout in years and that’s exactly what I do I eat healthy exercise managing my weight and my gut I poop pretty well but what you said the itching and so on I’ll stay focused on this and all the information you’ve talked about if the wife will read this it will do wonders she’s been very patient with me in all aspects as praying people believing it will never show its face again God bless you amen

  2. Your herpes management protocol was very interesting. I’ve been having breakouts and will purchase enzymes and implement your remedy.

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