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How Many Orgasms Should You Have A Week?

Who doesn’t love orgasms?

I recently received an email from a reader whose wife read about a troubling piece of information about orgasms.

Now, there are two dilemmas here.

First, these lovers have just recently started working on their intimate life again after years of barely any sexual activity. They still have a long ways to go.

And second, the wife read some bad information about orgasms online.

Scroll down below for Charles’ email and my reply.

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“Hi Susan,

I was hoping you could help me.

My wife and I love each other very much, but have very different values when it comes to sex and intimacy.  

For most of our marriage, sex was awful. She had no interest, and rarely had an orgasm.

About 6 weeks ago, I ordered your book, Relationship Magic. In discovering our top 4 important relationship values, 2 of mine were sex and intimacy. For hers, they were 2 of her least important. But now knowing how important sex and intimacy are to me, we agreed to purchase some of the other materials from Personal Life Media to work on further improving our connection and sex life and get to a place where we better match desires and she wants to have sex and be more intimate more times per week.

Currently, we’re going through the Steamy Sex Ed® videos.

However, last night she told me she read in a book that there are studies showing that men should only orgasm once a week, and women just twice a week. So she is afraid that we will negatively impact our health if we orgasm more than that, and even more so if we learn how to give each other multiple orgasms in a lovemaking session.

Is there really validity to this? Thank you for any help you can offer, and I look forward to hearing back from you soon!” —Charles (not his real name)


Hi Charles,

You are doing a great job leading her to her sexual potential.

As she starts enjoying sex more, it is going to move up her list of values.

Keep running her menus, touching her, holding her and learning more skills together like I show you how in Revive Her Drive. You will run into these moments where it feels like you are backsliding… but keep doing what you are doing. It takes a lot of bricks to build a solid foundation.

Right now, your goal is to move her from her position of having sex and intimacy as her least important values, to making her want more of it from you again.

(That’s why I highly suggest my program Revive Her Drive. This is the one Charles is following that has opened up his lady. Listen to these interviews and read the short ebook with the four elements of revival. This will help you have more skills to keep your woman turned on and wanting you.)

She doesn’t need to listen to the Revive Her Drive program because it’s about your skills as her sexual leader.

With regard to what she read, know this.

Orgasms are a massively powerful, regenerative, healthy circulatory and hormonal event. They flush your bodies with important neurotransmitters and hormones that keep you young, healthy and vital.

Not only that, but if you are able to have your wife on non-hormonal birth control such as the non-hormonal IUD or using a fertility awareness tracker such as the Daysy whereby you can ejaculate inside her vagina, the benefits of your semen are spectacular for her mental health, her mood, her womanly cycles and more.

Here is a video on the benefits of sex and semen.

Semen Stimulates Sex ⇐ Click Here To Watch My YouTube Video

Not only that, but orgasms create oxytocin, which is the bonding hormone that keeps you feeling close and intimate:

Oxytocin For Hotter Sex ⇐ Watch My YouTube Video Here

And when you have sex with your woman, you give her testosterone with your kisses and semen, which make her feel more confident and alive.

Sexual satisfaction is a bell curve. Some people are very sexual, some less sexual but most are in the middle of that curve.

Glad you are watching the Steamy Sex Ed® Video Collection together. There is nothing better than learning new sexual techniques together to keep your sex life on an upward pleasure spiral.

You’re doing everything right. Keep on keeping on. This question is just a bump in the road of her past programming that makes her uncertain. You let her know how healthy orgasms are — there are a million articles online with studies that prove it’s spectacular for one’s health on a myriad levels.

You know that saying, “the freshly fucked look?” You know how after you’ve orgasmed you look 10 years younger? Great orgasms are so good for you both.

Keep leading her to her pleasure potential!

Revive Her Drive ⇐ Bring Back Intense Passion And Intimacy In Your Relationship (Special Insider Discount Link)

Steamy Sex Ed® Video Collection ⇐ Get On The VIP List To Be Notified Ahead (Over 200 Advanced Heart-Connected Lovemaking Techniques)

There is some merit to semen retention for men. Ejaculating too much can zap some men’s ambition. And it can make some guys feel sad.

There are also some people who cry after orgasm. It has such a powerful release that it clears out emotions. This tends to diminish over time in all but a very few rare cases.

It doesn’t seem like either of these issues are part of you or your wife’s physiology. She just read some bullshit on the Internet.

You just keep giving her pleasure and watch her relationship values begin to change to a priority for intimacy. You’re doing great! Don’t stop.

3 Responses

  1. I had to go for 3 weeks of training for my new job. My wife started a new job in a black owned company. During those 3 weeks she had sex with 5 black men almost every day, She orgasmed almost every time and some times twice. About 75 or so orgasms in 3 weeks. Was that healthy?

  2. dear susan…although i read and watch most of your videos i think on some matters you should be better informed before giving your suggestions to others..telling the guy what he or her are reading on the internet is bs so others would say about you..seamen retention is something taught in tao and tantra love making for centuries..plese be informed properly and then you can inform your subscribers accordingly

    best wishes

    1. Hi Takis,
      Thanks for your comment. I am not sure what you are referring to. But I am very aware that semen retention has been taught by the Taoists for centuries. That being said, it is also my opinion that the Taoist semen retention is great for some men, but not for others. The Taoists lived in a very small world. I have worked with literally thousands of men over a decade. And I have the benefit of reams of online research and a world of books at my fingertips on my kindle.
      The classics are excellent, and progressive ideas are always occurring.
      With Appreciation,

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