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The Relationship Agreement

Here is a Guest Article from Dr. David G Murphy, Relationship and Law Therapist, Sydney, Australia. He has given this to us to publish in the hopes that you might take some or all of this and customize it for yourself. Feel free to comment below with any questions or refinements. This is an open source concept.

Take all the friction and risk out of your relationship, marriage or dating, and reduce it to writing! Leave nothing to chance and left to argue about and sort out everything. Have everything go smoothly forever and dovetail all your desires so you can spend more time just being better lovers. Experience the heights of a more profound, more secure all-encompassing love than you have ever experienced before.

For many, this common law Relationship Agreement is a beneficial, renewable and flexible way to achieve the most out of your relationship, marriage or dating. The Relationship Agreement provides a valuable structural roadmap for your relationship or marriage or dating which is going somewhere. It helps to make your relationship more focused and rewarding and advances your relationship towards perfection. The Relationship Agreement is exclusive to Susan Bratton’s Better Lover website. It is free to download and print off and share around with your friends.

The Relationship Agreement

The creation of the Relationship Agreement was brought about by the observation that for many, for reasons perhaps of lack of structure, direction, goals or any written system, their generally exclusive relationships and marriages could decay, fizzle out and break down, leading to suffering, despair, insecurity and loss. Despite the best intentions of many, usually monogamistic relationships could come adrift over time, with not even a friendship remaining, and there seemed no ready remedy or answer to it.

The conclusion was that evidently something fundamental was missing which could serve to remove all sources of friction, uncertainty and lack of consensus so as to make a relationship or marriage more robust, secure and an all-important source of solace, comfort and strength by serving to diminish and even eliminate conflict whilst enhancing communication, understanding and agreement on many levels. By the proven method of concisely reducing all differences and issues to writing, there should be greater agreement, security and wins all around, leading to a becoming better a lover with more time for spontaneous celebratory lovemaking because all contentions and points of difference have been canvassed, addressed and discussed with regular opportunities to revisit and review and let off steam at scheduled agreement rewrite and renewal times.

Socially, a regime of Relationship Agreements amongst couple friends would also lead to greater social cohesion all around as your couple friends follow suit and there be continuous reinforcing renewal parties as they renew and cement their relationships to ever greater depths and become more agreed and secure in the written form leading to ever better loving due to the mind being at ease with tensions resolved by way of the magic art of effective underlying written communication.

It was observed that there needed to be a ‘common law’ alternative, an adjunct to relationships, should there be no pathway or structure in place, and to marriages, where a roadmap structure to the marriage may be missing, and even for exploratory dating, for the ventilation and resolution of latent simmering differences that may arise, so that pent up steam could be let off, and perfection and better loving had by all. Such a Relationship Agreement instrument had to traverse a number of parameters to make it workable and flexible and hold up, even in the courts if needs be (you never know if your courting will become ‘courting’). The RA needed to be the missing ‘backbone’ to relationships because it was believed that, for many, a verbal aspect alone was simply just not enough for the more serious relationshippers, spouses and those seeking the ultimate experience and new levels of rewarding commitment. The overlooked lost art of reciprocal relationshipping at the written level seems to be the answer, as for many talk alone is, perhaps, not enough as has been found by many who keep open a thriving and expressive written channel of communication, email, letters and cards.

The Relationship Agreement has many new and exciting features, not perhaps seen in other marriage or relationship agreements.

It is:

* designed to provide greater direction for relationships and marriages and dating,

* designed to have agreed upon terms for greater peace of mind,

* possible to either rank or give an importance point score out of 10 to each point so it will be known by each party how important each term is,

* designed to assist in who spends what percentage of the running costs or what maximum or what minimum in a relationship or marriage, with reckonings and balancing-up at the end of each month,

* designed to be flexible and renewable, so it is not set in stone forever,

* designed so that there will be continual rounds of relationship agreement renewal parties (as opposed to a one-time wedding reception) when you, or your friends, renew your, or their, relationship agreements,

* designed so that assets are not at risk and to be able to stand up in a court of law as a common law civil agreement which is lawful and effective,

* with renewals and regular revisiting of the terms it is designed to provide a history of the specifics and turning points of the relationship or marriage when there have been a number of renewals and copies of the agreements kept as mementoes,

* designed to allow for agreement as to how many minimum or maximum times there will be communication, meet up or intimacy per week, as either a maximum or minimum,

* designed to be relationship insurance so to speak so your relationship or marriage will not be a gamble,

* designed that in case of fault, rather then assets being at risk the succession of posted bonds all go to the aggrieved party, and

* designed so you can have a number of agreements running in parallel if both parties agree to open relationships.

To be effective, such a Relationship Agreement must have the requisite elements of offer, acceptance, capacity, consideration, obligation, benefit and the other legal aspects to make it an effective means of providing greater security and love in a relationship or marriage whilstever an evolving sequence of agreements are maintained, and everything is formally sorted out to the benefit of all and revisited from time to time. With as much resolved by way of the parameters on side ‘a’ and the terms on side ‘b’, the consequence is that there is more time and energy for making more profound spontaneous love than ever before, and possible otherwise, and you become an ultimate Better Lover.

It is strongly recommended that for best results that you both agree, as a joint term to being better lovers by watching at least two of Susan’s Better Lover sexual training videos together per day, or 10 per week or 25 per month. For better results and a deeper relationship watch four per day instead of TV, two for her and two for him, naked whilst perhaps lightly masturbating either yourselves or one another other so your minds will be at its most relaxed and receptive and impressionable. Do this in your relationship or in your marriage or in your dating or on your own or with multiple partners. Invite friends to come around and watch the training videos with you naked. Agree to do all that is presented there and share your learnings and experiences with others. For best results, you must repeatedly practice what is being presented there so that you become better lovers.

Share the YouTube URL as widely as you can and tell all your friends, relatives, neighbours and workmates etc so more people will discover Susan’s wonderful sexual love trainings and offerings and become better lovers.

I request that when you have experienced some success, or whatever you would like to share, you forward me a descriptive testimonial of your experiences for me to post for others to read and benefit. Contact details can be provided if you like.

Dr. David G Murphy
Relationship and Law Therapist

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