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Join Us In Our Penis Enlargement Study

Participate with us!

I’m recruiting 25 men willing to use The Whopper penis pump for 13 weeks and record the before and after increases in length, girth, and erectile satisfaction.

On page 76 of my new ebook, Pump Guide you’ll find a link to the Pump Results Tracker.

1. Download my free ebook
2. Click the link on page 76
3. Create an account
4. Use The Whopper as directed for 13 weeks
5. Document your growth

pump guide


I will be sharing overall statistics but NO personally-identifiable information on the results of the study.

If you also elect to have GAINSWave treatments or Priapus Shots (P Shots) at the same time, please note this on your Results Tracker. I want to be able to compare the enlargement statistics of those who have just pumped versus those who have done GAINSWave and P Shots to further increase their penile volume and erectile performance.

Reply to me with ANY questions.

Timeframe is now through 2019. I have about 5 guys who say they are going to do this so far. I need at least 20 more. I’d really like to have fifty of you guys pump around the same time. That way we can account for any attrition. I think doing this at the same time as other guys will increase YOUR commitment to complete the 13 weeks.

Send me any questions you have. If you live in a remote area, you’ll find a contact form on the website for The Whopper. When you have decided to purchase ask them if they can ship to you and tell them I sent you.

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4 Responses

    1. On page 76 of my new ebook, Pump Guide you’ll find a link to a Google sheet Results Tracker.
      1. Download my free ebook
      2. Click the link on page 76
      3. Request access to the spreadsheet
      4. I’ll grant you access
      5. Use The Whopper as directed for 13 weeks
      6. Document your growth on your tab on the spreadsheet

  1. Hi Susan, this is really embarrassing to tell you but since this is what you do, I’ll give it a go. I am not really big down there. Fully erect and ready to go, I get to maybe 5 1/2″ but flacid I can barely get to 2″ see, it’s sad. I have been divorced twice and niether wife had a problem with size but I have a very talented tongue. I guess I developed a skill to get passed my iniquities. I can usually get my partner off several times with my mouth before I enter her. I have not had any complaints but I see the truth in the mirror. I am single now. I got divorced the second time in 2014 and really haven’t been sexually active. I am at the point now of wanting to get back in the saddle.

    1. Hi, Christopher,
      Please don’t be embarrassed. Do you know how many guys feel like you? Probably the great majority of men under average size, which means nearly HALF of the men walking around today are feeling insecure about their penis. Even though for most women, average or slightly below average is what feels best to them!

      Now, you’ve had some penile atrophy because you’ve been divorced and not sexually active for going on five years. To get back in the saddle with confidence, I’d do the following:

      1) If budget permits (and we are talking about your penis, one of your god-given most important parts of your body) get a couple GAINSWave treatments WITH the P Shot. Go to and http://trustyclick/gainswave and look for a provider in your area who does BOTH. Get a quote and go get those treatments.

      2) Use The Whopper penis pump for a minimum of 13 weeks, every other day starting NOW and all the way through the GAINSWave and P Shot treatment(s). Follow the pumping routine in my Pump Guide at Use The Whopper which increases both length and girth. Put your results down in the Results Tracker so you can see your gains and feel great about your progress. There’s a link to the Results Tracker in the Pump Guide. Read that little ebook so you understand how to pump.

      3) Stop watching porn and start noticing sexy women in the world as you move about your day. When you masturbate, Ride The Wave. Which means, work on your stamina. Take yourself from a 1 to a 5 on a scale of 1-10 for arousal. Then, take yourself to an 8 or 9. Then back off to a 5. If you ejaculate, try again next time. Over time, you’ll get yourself to the point where you can manage bringing yourself back from a 9 to a 5 over and over. Then when you get with a woman, you won’t come too fast. This Riding The Wave also cleans out your prostate, which is very healthy long term.

      Let me know how you do.

      You’re going to LOVE your penis after this!!!


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