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Susan’s New Guide To Reversing ED

A few weeks ago I encouraged guys with erectile dysfunction to consider a combination of two treatments combined with 13 weeks of using a penis pump.

I got a lot of responses from guys who’ve had success with these procedures including Stan and Craig.

Stan — Hi Susan. About that guy who got 6 GAINSWave treatments (2x for 3 weeks) is just a starter. He should have signed up for 18 treatments. Things get better after the second set of 6. That’s where I am. I soon will get my last 6 treatments. It’s a 9 month treatment span. I use the penis pump too. You still need to use Viagra (or the generic 20mg) This guy probably has tremendous blockage.

Craig — Hi Susan, just read this article below and wow talk about deja vu, I just turned 70 and from your previous article on Gainswave and the P shot I decided to try this after I spent a lot of money on a Trimix ED injections. It worked good in their office. But when I tried the injection myself, I ended up in the hospital with a bad swollen penis. That was the end for the TriMix shots for me.

I decided to try the Gainswave and the P shot. The first time wasn’t too successful so went again for another three Gainswave and P shots.

The way they showed me how to use the Penis Pump wasn’t to successful until I saw you other video on Penis Pumps where you need to engorge everything your balls and the penis in The Whopper. Wow started doing this for 10 minutes every other day and what a difference that made.

Started waking up with a hard on to go to the bathroom which I haven’t had that experience in years. I’m a person that sets goals and I’m determine not to quit until I can have a hard on to stay longer. So thanks again for the great articles they are helping me to improve so keep up with the ED problem. Men like me need all the information possible.

Here’s all the information possible:

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My NEW Pump Guide with instructions for max results (includes Results Tracker link in ebook)

When you use the GAINSWave sound waves to break up the blockage and the P Shot and GAINSWave to get your body to regenerate the tissue… AND you add in 13 weeks of pumping with The Whopper to generate new penile tissue… it’s the perfect storm of regenerative techniques to get your banging boners back.

My new Pump Guide explains everything in detail.

It’s free and it’s for you.

Download a copy now and let me know your questions.

In the Pump Guide is a link to an online Results Tracker for guys who want to do a 13-week Before and After penis pumping for enlargement and reversal of ED experiment with a bunch of us. If you respond well to a challenge, group commitments and have wanted to see if pumping can make you bigger, fatter and harder. NOW is the time to join the rest of us!

Susan B

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