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 3 Things Your Partner Is Longing To Hear 

Women need to hear words of encour­age­ment. 

Men appre­ci­ate ver­bal dec­la­ra­tions of respect.

No mat­ter where we are on the gen­der spec­trum, every­one appre­ci­ates words of encour­age­ment, respect, and appre­ci­a­tion.

Whether you’re sin­gle or in a rela­tion­ship, what I’m about to share will make your life happy.

Let me teach you this sim­ple but pro­found gratitude game called “3 Things I Love About You.”

Check Out The Video Here ⇐ 3 Things I Love About You


I play this with my hus­band. Sloane Fox, our sen­su­al ambas­sador at the office, taught this to me. I think you’ll love it.

Any time I want, I can ask my guy to tell me three things he loves about me, and he will answer. I also play this with my girlfriends.

It always makes me feel great. And you get bet­ter with prac­tice.

My guy is prob­a­bly atyp­i­cal because he is good at com­ing up with rea­sons why he loves me.

But for some peo­ple, their brain freezes. When they try to answer, they can think of a mil­lion rea­sons they love their part­ner. But it all gets jum­bled up togeth­er and doesn’t come out elo­quent­ly.

For that rea­son, I want­ed to give you twen­ty free ideas to express your appre­ci­a­tion for your part­ner and friends.

One of the things I love about you is your will­ing­ness to keep becom­ing a bet­ter per­son.

Just read­ing this email shows me that you care about oth­ers and want to do good things in the world.

I’ve added the list of ques­tions below. And you can also watch me show you how to do the game on my Bet­terLover web­site by click­ing on this link.

“THREE THINGS I LOVE ABOUT YOU” ⇐ Watch now (Hear how it’s done).

Now onto the won­der­ful grat­i­tude game…


1. I love hear­ing sto­ries about your ___________.

2. You deserve a gold medal for _____________.

3. You are so good at giv­ing me _____________.

4. I love when you make ___________________.

5. You have the best taste in ________________.

6. When you _________________ it’s like mag­ic.

7. My favorite place to kiss you is ____________.

8. I like when you hug me ______________ best.

9. I always want to hear what you say about ___________.

10. One of my all-time favorite moments we shared togeth­er was __________________.

11. When we first met, the thing I loved about you best was ______________________.

12. You have such a strong ____________.

13. Every­one should be as ______________ as you are.

14. If you were an ani­mal, you’d be a _______________.

15. If you were a cui­sine, you’d be _________________. (I love to eat you up!)

16. One of the lit­tle things you do with­out think­ing that makes me very hap­py is __________________.

17. One of your skills I admire most is ______________.

18. The sex­i­est place on your body is ______________.

19. You look hot when __________________________.

20. Over time I’ve grown to seri­ous­ly appre­ci­ate your abil­i­ty to_______________.

There you go!

Print this list out.

Stick it in your wal­let and refer to it when you need to.

The more you give ver­bal appre­ci­a­tion to your part­ner, the hap­pi­er you’ll make them.

Part of what you’re doing is mod­el­ing great behav­ior when you offer appre­ci­a­tion.

The bot­tom line, it’s almost impos­si­ble to be too ver­bal­ly appre­cia­tive. Go ahead and start weav­ing com­pli­ments into your every­day rela­tion­ships.

Start com­pli­ment­ing peo­ple you work with. Com­pli­ment the ran­dom peo­ple you meet.

Being ver­bal­ly appre­cia­tive is a skill. The more you do it, the bet­ter you get.

And inter­est­ing­ly, don’t wor­ry about receiv­ing appre­ci­a­tion. That will occur nat­u­ral­ly as you fill the world up with your grat­i­tude.

Ver­bal encour­age­ment works won­ders in every rela­tion­ship. 

Check Out The Video Here ⇐ 3 Things I Love About You.

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