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Erotic Massage Foreplay

Revive Tired Nerves with EROTIC MASSAGE

Our bodies are hungry for touch. Erotic massage is an exquisite way to feed that hunger.

We all know that feeling at the end of a long day when the nervous system just needs a rest. The nerves are tired. Literally. They’re completely maxed out and unable to process more information. That’s why you need a special kind of touch.

The most common mistake lover’s make when giving an erotic massage is too much too fast. You have to approach her erogenous zones slowly to get the best result.

In this week’s YouTube video, I talk with sacred sexuality teacher and author, Amara Charles,

THE BEST APPROACH FOR AN EROTIC MASSAGE ← Watch now (Learn from a pro)

Simply cupping a breast with one hand and putting gentle upward pressure on a woman’s vulva with the other will calm tired nerves. PLUS, it creates a level of trust and openness between your two bodies that allows a woman to receive more pleasure.

Touch is a natural regulator for your nervous system and a great way to connect with someone you love.

The key is to start slowly. Watch the video for a dozen or more simple shifts to bring into your next erotic massage.


Highly renowned sex and intimacy expert Amara Charles has traveled internationally teaching sacred Shakti Queen and Shiva Shakti sexuality workshops since 1989, helping men and women reconnect with their passion, restore the potency of their sexual energy and deepen their appreciation of life.

Amara is the first White Tigress initiated on Western soil into the ancient Taoist Sexual Arts. She draws from these sacred lineages to teach both Taoist Restoration and Shamanic Sexual Practices. Amara is also one of a few teachers authorized to teach Quodoushka Spiritual Sexuality workshops that show us how to heal and experience the sacredness of our sexuality.

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Enorgenous Zones

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