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Hormone Replacement vs. Birth Control For Menopause

If you know someone going through menopause, forward this to her.

“Walking into my gynecologist’s office knowing what I wanted rather than simply taking whatever she recommended was such an empowering feeling!” —Lisa A, Malibu, CA

If your doctor is recommending birth control pills or synthetic birth control in any way which is like patch, IUD, NuvaRing, implants or the pill to help with menopausal symptoms, it’s a very short-sighted approach to your needs.

I want you to feel your best during your menopausal years. It’s a time when you can truly have the best sex EVER.

My advice? Get up to speed on the options BEFORE YOU GO SEE YOUR DOCTOR. That’s why I went into the studio with Dr. Jolene Brighten and talked IN DETAIL about healthy alternatives to manage your menopausal symptoms.

MENOPAUSE GOT YOU DOWN?  ← Watch now (Suz & Dr. Jolene discuss options)

We women need to be proactive when it comes to our health and this is especially true with our sexual health.

A lot of doctors think it’s their job to hand you a prescription when you’re not feeling good. They aren’t necessarily going to tune in to the delicate balance you require to feel your best. That’s why you need to be your own health advocate.

BECOME A QUEEN OF SELF-CARE   ← We’re with you! (Get informed, expert advice)

There are healthy, anti-aging alternatives to the short-sighted “just take birth control pills” approach.

Vaginal atrophy, dryness, infections… you don’t have to accept these conditions just because you’re in menopause.

You really can have a fulfilling sex life into your 60s, 70s, 80s and beyond.

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