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Clitoris Anatomy Video

Clitoris Anatomy Video

See how the 3D clitoris goes inside her body.

There’s so much more to a woman’s clitoris than meets the eye… that little button you see is just the beginning.

This video is a MUST WATCH!

ANATOMY OF A CLITORIS  ← Watch now (see the 3D MODEL)

Especially worthy of the few minutes you’ll spend watching this episode is Dr. Jessica Drummond’s visual aid: a 3D model of the entire clitoral structure.

I’m a huge fan of a fully engorged clitoris. It’s the female equivalent of a man’s hard-on. Watch this video and be amazed. Maximizing a woman’s pleasure is easier than you think!

You’re about to discover the glories of the clitoris… the ins and outs and ups and downs of manual stimulation.

MAXIMIZE HER ORGASMIC PLEASURE  ← GO HERE. (Learn what world-class lovers know)

Your knowledge of anatomy will pay off in additional pleasure.

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