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How To Be His Perfect Fantasy Woman

how to be the perfect lover

If you learn how to spark sexy passion in him, YOU will learn how to be the perfect lover to him. Because that’s what men want in a woman.

A passionate relationship that lasts the test of time and life requires not just patience, understanding, compromise, and love…

But also some honest-to-goodness, heart-connected, deeply-intimate lovemaking.

There’s no denying it. It’s the truth.

And without a variety of ways to give each other passionate love, this highly-important foundation of your relationship won’t reach its full potential.


The widely different reactions of three women from my yoga class fascinated me.

I showed them the brand new “sizzle reel” (like a movie trailer) of my Steamy Sex Ed® Video Collection.

One girl got all flustered and had to turn away and fiddle with the water cooler.

The other lady—she was a little older—did a moonwalk backward and said, “I don’t like to see other people’s personal business!”

The third woman—the one that always has the cutest yoga outfits on—just watched the other two and then turned to me and said,

“I love it.” “How do I get a copy?”

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As they were watching my “sizzle reel” of clips from the video series, the open-minded woman said, “I really like how the couples look at each other in the eyes and how romantic it is when they demonstrate the techniques.”

Then the older lady chimed in, “I like the sets. The candles and silks are pretty.” “Usually you don’t see that.”

Then all three started talking about how authentic the couples were…

How much their guys would love it if they’d watch with them…

It would really add some spice to their lovemaking…


As soon as ONE woman said it was great, the others felt better admitting they were turned on by the idea of watching lovemaking and sensual sex education videos in the privacy of their own home.

There’s a cultural peer pressure we women put on each other that tamps down our sensuality in “polite society.”

But if you want to increase your sensual energy, watch my videos to improve your self-confidence asap!

We deliver Steamy Sex Ed® to your door in a plain unmarked envelope. Isn’t that great?

Shhh… It’s going to be our little secret.

Nobody would EVER know that there are over 200 passionate techniques that will make you the most erotic, sensual lover your man has ever… and will ever have!

You know here’s ANOTHER secret I learned from working with men over the years.

They almost always have a Fantasy Woman in their heads. But don’t worry. He’s not planning on cheating on you. It’s just his “Perfect Lover” imagination.

BUT… if you know how to spark sexy passion in him, YOU will become his perfect fantasy lover.

Because that’s what men want in a woman.

Someone to get him excited.

So he can’t wait to love you all over.

So his heart is pounding because he’s so thrilled he can finally do all those moves he’s been dying to try with you.

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Women absolutely go bonkers over my Steamy videos. It is FINALLY a way that they can get their man to give them the heart-connected passion they long for. I really want you to trust that thousands and thousands of women have purchased and loved this video series. And it’s going on sale shortly. So get on the VIP list so you can get first dibs to see the sizzle reel I showed the women in my yoga class. There is no obligation to buy but I’ve sold nearly 10,000 copies of this series. I promise you will be glad you know about this video series. (It’s what we women want.)

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