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How To Successfully Fix And Save Your Relationship

“I would really like to be the first man to be able to give her a sweat-soaked, sheet-ripping, toe-curling orgasm during sex.” 

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Sometimes relationships get sour, even bitter.  But you CAN heal and bring back yourselves back to your former glory. There’s always hope. As long as you prioritize each other and do what it takes to cross the divide. 

I’ve been emailing a fan back and forth for months about his marriage woes. 

They started out like any couple. Wonderful. Sweet. In love. 

But after years together, the love and sweet romantic moments slowly melted away. 

And were replaced with bitterness, indifference, silence, and years gone by without any form of affection. 

No kisses. No hugs. No sweet nothings. And especially no sex. 

So I did what I could to help him out via email. Step-by-step, from the very basic things that have gone wrong to more advanced issues in their relationship. 

And I’m glad to say… it looks like they’re going to make it. I’m optimistic. 

Scroll down for his last email to me and my response. 

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I can’t believe how things have started to turn around for the better. And that’s an understatement.

I believe that we are making some good progress in the polarity department.

It was such a delight for me to see her today, to have such a big smile on her face and a new spring in her step. It was like a huge boulder had been taken off her back. She also came to me several times before I left, to kiss me and hug me.

So now I have a question.

I know that some time in the near future, the opportunity for sex will arise. If and when we re-engage in sex, I want it to be great for both of us, but I want it to be incredible for her, the best sex of her life.

I would really like to be the first man to be able to give her a sweat-soaked, sheet-ripping, toe-curling orgasm during sex.

What do you recommend?

Thank you for your help.

— Kenneth  (not his real name)”


Hi Kenneth,

Thank you for writing! I wouldn’t wait too long to set up a sex date. Put one on the calendar and just have it be for giving her a genital massage. Tell her you want to help her orgasm. Explain engorgement to her.

Tell her you want the opportunity to massage her genitals with warm avocado oil. And that she does not need to have sex with you. ONLY if she wants it completely. That you don’t want any sexual handouts or mercy sex anymore.

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Plugin the sensual massage for women video #1 from your Steamy Sex Ed® Video Collection. Turn off the sound. Turn on some sexy music. Light the room with candles. Set up pillows so you are both completely comfortable. Then follow along with the video and ask her for feedback about pressure, speed and what feels good. Learn the folds of her skin and the sensitive parts of her genitals.

As you do this each time (maybe once a week?) she will begin to feel more and more of your touch. You are awakening her genitals. Over time, orgasms will bubble out of her. Tell her not to TRY at all. Just let it happen.

After the first few sessions of genital massage also tell her you want to give her a breast massage. Follow these instructions.

Your Breast Massage Game Plan ⇐ Soothing, Heart-Connected Breast Play You’ll Both Love

Adding in breast stimulation to your weekly massage sessions will increase her ability to achieve orgasm.

Soon she’s going to be wanting you to play with her breasts and rub her genitals so she can have orgasms. Then that is naturally going to lead her to want your penis inside her.

I’m so excited as I write this to you. You seem like the kind of man who is willing to learn actual sexual techniques and lead your woman to her sexual potential.

Please keep me informed of your progress and of course, email me any questions.

Remember, she LOVES you. She just doesn’t know diddley about sex or her own body.

Take her there!

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Susan In White Coat

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