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Two Love Games That Explode Love And Intimacy

Two Love Games That Explode Love And Intimacy

Two couples techniques that effortlessly explode love and intimacy.

Let’s talk about luuuuuuuv….

There’s a little game I’ve played with my husband for 27 years called, “Tell Me Three Things You Love About Me.”

Anytime I want verbal attention, I ask for it. And we women really NEED verbal encouragement and appreciation, like men crave respect and admiration.

Every time I ask, my husband Tim to tell me three things he loves about me… he ponders for a few minutes and then tells me new reasons that he appreciates me.

Doing this over the years causes you to keep noticing what you love about your partner. Keeping fresh eyes on your relationship makes you feel like you’re newlyweds.

When he’s done, I reciprocate.

When my husband tells me things like…

“I appreciate how you always think ahead and have a plan for the next day and week so I know what you need from me.”

“You looked really pretty last night in your red dress.”

“You make my life so fun with all the quality friends you attract.”

Then I say:

“Thank you for getting the refrigerator fixed.”

“Thanks for taking me out to dinner last night. I loved watching the sunset with you.”

“You looked handsome to me last night when we went to visit friends. When I look at you it still makes my heart skip a beat.”

I’ve noticed he doesn’t ask me for this. It’s always me asking him.

But he indulges me every time without any fuss. And I know he enjoys when I do it right back to him.

I’ve been working hard to also find little ways to admire and respect him every day. He does so much for me. He’s such a great dad, husband and man. So I put attention on making sure he gets both verbal admiration and respect (in front of other people whenever possible) as well as physical affection from me.

I’m trying to ensure that he feels like he’s in the best marriage of any guy in the world.

I think it’s working! ?

If you’re worried that you can’t think of stuff, trust me. A few moments of consideration and you’ll have more than three things anytime you need them.

Playing “Three Things I Love About You” gets easier with practice.  And that is how you co-create a life of love and adoration, connection and intimacy.


Try it tonight. You’ll get great results.

Let me know how it works for you.

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