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Best Position For Backdoor Sex

New Video! Rear-entry beginner’s position.

The seventh in the stimulating sex positions videos series is essentially a “beginner’s position” for rear-entry sex that even those who’ve mastered the art of anal LOVE!

Some women are wired to love back door pleasure from the get-go. For other’s it takes a slow hand, a lot of trust and encouragement.

All the tissue around the anus is filled with delicious nerve endings that love to be touched if she’s emotionally and mental ok with the idea. And there’s a perineal sponge inside between her vagina and rectum that is essentially her P-spot. Like a G-spot, this sponge loves to be pleasured and is highly orgasmic.

Women are shy about their derrieres… So guys love it when a woman “presents,” and Reverse Cowgirl is a favorite for just that reason.

And there’s more to love about this position than an eye full of glorious booty. It’s a perfect way to ease into backdoor sex. Both the novice and the expert will love the step-by-step instruction I offer in this video.

You see, anal sex can be… well, edgy to put it mildly. Even for those who love it, rear entry makes the receiver feel vulnerable because she is vulnerable. That’s why it’s so important to let her be in control.

Note: This is an age-restricted YouTube video. Google may make you sign in to watch it. It’s totally worth the few seconds to do so.


If you’ve been watching my video series on 7 STIMULATING SEX POSITIONS, you’ll love this final position in the series.

Anal pleasure can be incredibly intense. Not only is the area highly sensitive, the “taboo” nature of this sex act amps up the pleasure. That’s why it’s so important to go slow, offer reassurance, and maintain a “no pressure” attitude.

This video is essentially a private at-home tutorial on how to make her first… or 500th… experience of back door sex A-MA-ZING.


You’ll also learn exactly what to do to make sure rear entry is super safe because “no harm, no foul” is the name of the game with backdoor sex.

And be sure to scroll down below the video where it says, SHOW MORE. You’ll find a link to a free ebook that describes all seven STIMULATING SEX POSITIONS. The ebook contains high-res images you can use any way you want. It’s my gift to you.

My new YouTube videos on SEVEN STIMULATING SEX POSITIONS have gotten over 50,000 views in the past couple weeks. That tells me people are really hungry for new ideas about how to bring variety into their lovemaking. Be sure to watch them all. You’ll learn about tantric sex, quickie sex, how to pair a blowjob with a vibrator, and the best position for G-spot stimulation. Be sure to Subscribe to my BETTER LOVER YouTube channel and stay on top of your game in the bedroom!

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