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Learn How To Make Her Squirt

“She threw that waterproof pad on the bed like a swashbuckler throwing down his red velvet cape across a mud puddle for his damsel…”

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And now, let me tell you a story…

Rob and Lauren had a pretty good sex life. They made love, enjoyed oral play and sometimes even told each other fantasies while making love.

Rob was fantastic at “warming Lauren up.” He would spend plenty of time getting her into her body with massage, kissing and fondling her genitals and breasts to get her engorged before she finally begged him to enter her.

He was always good at making sure there was plenty of Lauren’s favorite lube, her toys were clean and ready and the room was exactly the perfect temperature for her.

They really loved spending hours making love together… getting really warmed up and turned on.

Many times, Rob would stroke Lauren’s clitoris and finger her until she was arching up against his hand. She loved this hand stroking, as much as she loved it when he went down on her. And sometimes he’d put two fingers in her when she was really aroused and use that “come hither” movement on her G Spot.

Lauren would get really turned on when Rob did this and she wanted more G Spot massage. It just felt sooooo good!


Rob always had this secret desire to see Lauren ejaculate.

Typical guy… they are so results-oriented that seeing a woman get so turned on she actually squirted out liquid would be like dying and going to heaven.

So he said to her, “Honey, would you let me learn how to make you squirt?”

She thrilled inside at the request and said, “Rob, not only YES, but hell yes!”

So they came to my workshop (they were lucky enough to live in SF, where I do most of my work) and I taught them the patterns and techniques that work so well for all my clients.

They started off just practicing a little bit each time they made love.

At first, Lauren didn’t feel anything happening. She didn’t squirt. She really didn’t even get noticeably wetter. Still, it felt great when he was stroking her the right way and added to their overall lovemaking.

The great thing about Rob is that he never pushed Lauren, she never felt pressured to perform. They kept it playful and loving. (I have some great strategies to help you and your partner feel like you’re always making progress in a super sexy, low stress way, no matter how long it takes you to finally get that exquisite release.)

Still, they kept at it, a little bit here and there, all delicious and then one day Lauren said, “Oh! I think I ejaculated!” “Rob, did you see it?” “Did you feel it?”

Rob couldn’t see it but Lauren knew she had just experienced that first wetness that was more than she’d had just from lubrication. She was following the techniques I teach for “birthing her orgasm” and it was working!

From then on, Lauren got it. Over time (a short time), she was releasing more and more ejaculate.

Soon they had to double the towels. Then they had to triple the towels.

Then Lauren fished around in the depths of her linen closet for the old waterproof crib pad from when their boy was little and threw that down on the bed and said, “OK, let’s see where we can take this!”

Imagine how excited they must have been. She threw that waterproof pad on the bed like a swashbuckler throwing down his red velvet cape across a mud puddle for his damsel…

Rob thought to himself, “Unleash the floodgates!”

That night, Lauren let loose. She came and came, each ejaculation rolling through her abdomen like a wave. She surrendered and just kept riding the sensation… taking her orgasmic birthright to its peak.

Rob just stayed with her. He thought about how with each stroke he was doing exactly what he thought she’d love the most in that moment.

He was immersed in the pleasure of her pussy. It felt so slippery, soft, blossomed. (He couldn’t wait to get inside her…)

When she was spent, she sat up, gasped for air, guzzled some water and flopped backward on the bed. Rob laid beside her.

And they started cracking up.

They laid there and laughed, and laughed and laughed and kissed and kissed.

It was like that moment, 16 years ago, when they realized they were in love.

They were high as kites on the pure pleasure of deep intimate emotion.

They never felt so connected. It was like there was one energy circuit traveling back and forth between them, electrifying them in vibrating sensation.

Rob told me they said, “Yay, Talluah!” at the end and gave one more laugh — one just for me.

Maybe you’re not laughing right now, though?

Are you frustrated and confused by the lack of really helpful information out there about female ejaculation?

Are you in a relationship and wondering how to broach the subject of squirting?

If you find yourself wondering constantly…

“How hard would it be to learn to ejaculate? Could I do it myself? Would it freak out my sexual partner if I squirted?…”

“Can my lover really squirt? I tried a few times before, yet she hasn’t ejaculated. Do all women squirt?”

You may want to check out my book, “The Truths And Myths About Female Ejaculation.

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Here I go through and answer many of the most nail-biting questions men and women have about female ejaculation.

Things like:

  • How to start the conversation and introduce squirting to your lover
  • The scientific reason why squirting isn’t pee
  • How she may already be ejaculating but doesn’t know it yet
  • How it feels like for a woman right before she squirts (and what to do so she can let it all flow)

Get that free ebook all about squirting now. And consider purchasing FLO to get everything you need to establish the trust and surrender required for a woman to squirt her heart out.

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