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GAINSWave and P Shot Erection Healing Protocols

There’s REAL HOPE for guys with two new penile regenerative technologies —the GAINSWave Protocol combined with the Priapus Shot.

In this video, you’ll hear about the 3-part regenerative approach Dr. Glenn Wilcox, and many other docs around the world are now using to reverse erectile dysfunction.

The triple combo is the GAINSWave Protocol, the Priapus Shot and a quality penis pump such as the Dr. Joel Kaplan brand.

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The names of these treatments could be improved. GAINSWave uses a shockwave technology… which I prefer to call a sound wave therapy.

The P Shot is a needle, but it’s filled with the growth factors and healing agents from your own blood. So I like to call it PRP, which stands for platelet-rich plasma. And the Vacuum Erection Device, I just call it a penis pump.

Guys hear about these “medical breakthroughs” and think: You’re going to do what to my penis?

When medical professionals name a new treatment, they want to be accurate, not enticing. Yet these treatments are reasonably painless. And all but one of my male followers has told me THESE protocols WORK. That one guy was on medicine for diabetes…

If you have insulin issues, circulatory issues or adrenal fatigue, you should still consult with a doc in your area to see if you’re a candidate for this combination of regenerative therapies. Because my guys are telling me they are ecstatic with the improvement in their erectile function.

That’s why I asked Dr. Glenn to fill you in on all the specifics in this video. And there’s also a video I did with Dr. Amy Killen on the GAINSWave and P Shot and Dr. Robyn Benson on the P Shot if you want to see more.

Glenn, Amy and Robyn are doing these regenerative medicine techniques all day every day on men. This is the NEW era of health.



This is Tim and I with Liliana and Mark White, the creators of the GAINSWave Protocol. They teach doctors how to administer this penis healing treatment. I’ll be heading down to Florida to their facilities soon to learn everything I can about it.

Then I’ll be going to San Diego to meet with the Dr. Joel Kaplan team on their vacuum erection devices for erectile performance and enlargement.

Here are a few of their devices:

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Budget Alternative on Amazon: Blue LCD Rechargeable Vacuum Erection Device Penis Pump

The combination of the GAINSWave sound wave therapy, with the PRP from your own blood put back into your penis and a quality penis pump to increase your penile tissue will keep your sea serpent alive and swimming in pleasure.

You deserve a full measure of pleasure!

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