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Penis Size Facts

How important is penis size to women? Surprising research results.

Twenty percent of women have broken up with a guy over penis size… half because he’s too small, and HALF because he’s TOO BIG.

As it turns out, not all women are “size queens”… in fact, true size queens are in the minority.

WHAT WOMEN REALLY WANT IN A PENIS ← Watch Now (prepare to be surprised)

Guys want a bigger penis… women want bigger breasts. Regardless of gender, we humans are sensitive about the size of our primary sex characteristics. It’s totally understandable.

However, according to the research, bigger isn’t necessarily better when it comes to a man’s penis.

In this new video, we’ll take a look at some of the facts. PLUS I’ll share a couple of workarounds for the less-endowed (or for those times when the Big Guy isn’t his usual upright self).

Find out:

  • Where penis size ranks among the 15 attributes women most want in a partner.
  • What actually measures up to “the perfect size for me” for most women.
  • How the “perfect size” compares with the average penis size across cultures.
  • How much really is “not enough” and how to make even that a non-issue.
  • What percentage of women think size is important.
  • What turns her on as much if not more than giving her pleasure.

THE FACTS ABOUT PENIS SIZE ← Watch this (guaranteed confidence booster)


For women, hardness trumps size by 95%. Lasting longer is more important than size by 90%.

A hard, healthy penis is a bigger penis, no matter what the size.

Plus, I’ll actually show you a new sex toy call a “penis sleeve extender” that gives a guy and extra THREE INCHES to play with!

If you’ve been watching my videos, you know that I have an insatiable hunger for sexual knowledge. And the only thing I like better than applying that knowledge is sharing it with you on my YouTube channel. If you haven’t already, subscribe to Better Lover today and stay in my loop. It’s totally free and you won’t get a barrage of emails, just a notification once a week that tells you what steamy topic I’m discussing that week.

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Note: Penis data from Alex Allman’s Unleash The Beast research. See more details by clicking

2 Responses

  1. Hi! I would like some advice about how to fit a big penis. Circumferences 6,5 inches.length 7. I am 67. I have have 8 children naturally. I know about lots of lube. Being prepared before hand, very aroused. Being on too. Maybe on top position. Any other advice? ÅI am poly sexual. Seeing a few men, but long time since one with such a wide cock.

    1. Is he too long or too wide? If too long, check out the OhNuts. They are bumpers. If too wide, spend way more time rubbing warm organic nut oil on your vulva, especially all around your introitus (vaginal sphincter) before entry.

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