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Do Penis Pumps Work? (VIDEO)

With proper use of a “vacuum erection device” (VED) better known as a penis pump, your blood vessels will grow over time. That way your body can send an increased volume of blood into your penis during erections.

Bigger, harder erections can be achieved. The penis pump is one of the few (three to be exact) methods that actually works.

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The penis pump is an effective way to make lasting gains in overall penile volume… if you know what you’re doing.

In this video, I cover all the bases from how to avoid damaging your equipment to how to select a user friendly pump that won’t prick your finger —or your lover’s —when you release it.

And because men are often tempted to go whole-hog when they see what the penis pump can do, I will tell you the #1 thing you DON’T WANT TO DO with your pump.

PENIS PUMP KNOW-HOW ← Watch Now (a frank discussion for safety and success)

There are so many different penis pumps on the market it can be a bit confusing. And since they’re an intimate item that cannot be returned, you need to know what to look for before you buy.

I will answer all your questions so you can make a smart buying decision. For example:

Are there different types of vacuum?

What do you look for in the seal?

What about the size of the tube?

Where does the lube go?

And what’s up with the LED readout?

I’ll also spell out exactly how to avoid tissue injury and make sure you don’t burst your blood vessels. The last thing you want to do is damage your penis. Overpumping causes guys to LOSE sensation.

The “prescription” I recommend is from Dr. Glenn Wilcox who has helped thousands of men gain size and girth using a penis pump.

Consider this your penis pump “consumer’s report” on what features are important and what features you can do without.


I’ve been talking with experts from around the world on all sorts of topics related to your sexual health. That’s why I created this YouTube channel. It’s the easiest way to share their wisdom with the world. Subscribe here, totally free of charge and “Pay It Forward” by helping me get the word out on the latest innovations and new developments that can improve your sexual health and help you have the kind of passionate relationship you deserve.

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3 Responses

  1. I’ve seen many of these videos and I don’t recall the hardness issue being addressed.
    Penis pumps may make you bigger..but is hardness maintaineed or improved?

  2. Thank God I’ve not cum to having to use one yet your superior knowledge and professional acumen once again empowering, encouraging and furthering individuals edification. However I’m both enthusiastically aroused to increase both my size and abilities to give gratification in mutually congruent sexual endeavors, in addition to exploring orgasmic yoga i.e. evolutionary masturbation and experimentation of orientations. Thanks Dr. and coach of perpetual human sexuality. I’ve failed to complete my homework and other than submitting this and my very deep inside appreciation being open minded, well advised and typing in my nudity behind the clock for session of afternoon prayer and masturbation

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